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Finding the Yellow Brick Road

Guest Posts

Beloved member @prudence wrote this marvelously stirring and inspirational update in the Members Feed the other day and I thought it was rather brilliant and too good not to share more widely.

February 15, 2015


Guest Posts

My darling friend @suek is gearing up to move to the other side of the world.

February 11, 2015

Sobermas and New Cheers

Guest Posts

Some more Christmas and New Years inspiration for you – this post comes from @_jjw_, a smart and lovely kiwi dude, and brave sober warrior.

December 24, 2014

The unlocking of my life

Guest Posts

Member @AEG wrote this in the Members Feed the other day.

December 14, 2014

Poem for Jimmy

Guest Posts

One of our wonderful members @hilux is a dab hand with poetry – he often writes his updates and replies to other members in rhyme!

December 7, 2014

Seven Hundred & Thirty

Guest Posts

Last week I asked my friend Jackson (@_jjw_) if he would write a post for me to feature here, thinking it would be good to hear the perspective of a sober guy in his late 20’s, and what it’s like for him to move around our boozy world as a non-drinker.

December 2, 2014

Sober sponges

Guest Posts

My darling friend @SueK had a tricky sober night out last weekend.

November 11, 2014

It's all relative

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Member @freebreezi posted this in an update in the Members Feed last week and I was really struck by it.

October 19, 2014

Success Reminders

Guest Posts

I had the good fortune to meet @Watergirl at my Drug Foundation talk and I can confirm she gives good hugs and wears lovely jewellery…!

September 3, 2014