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3 sober tips and a 9-point care plan

February 26th, 2015 Guest Posts

One of our fabulous members @PJNT has made it to over 160 days sober (whoop!), although she says she’s done it “like a reluctant and vocal cat being dragged backwards”. Ha! What a brilliant line.

The truth is some do have an easier time of it in sobriety than others. But really, it doesn’t matter what your recovery looks like, so long as you are trying your best and being honest throughout. @PJNT is doing both.. and I just loved it when she announced her 3 tips for sobriety in the Members Feed the other day. They were so blunt and brilliant. She then followed up by sharing her own personal 9-point care plan – again it was brilliant.

With her permission I am sharing them here. They follows on so well from my last post where I wrote of the elements I focus on in sobriety. Again – please do chip in with your tips and the care elements that you focus on.


1. Some days you just have to get to the end of. They are crap, there is nothing that is going to make them not crap, just get to bed sober.

2. Start doing the ‘inner work’ when you feel ready. It is about as much fun as a colonoscopy but, seemingly, necessary to long term sobriety.

3. Keep in touch with your sober support network/s. LS is mine. When I felt myself withdrawing from here, I came very close to the edge. Google emotional/mental relapse – it’s what happens before physical relapse and very interesting.


1. A green smoothie with a probiotic for breakfast;
2. Exercise;
3. Make a note of the day’s joy;
4. Make a note of the day’s achievements;
5. Meditate;
6. Pray;
7. Do something to nurture my recovery, log on here, listen to a Bubble Hour or similar;
8. Laugh;
9. Eat healthily;

You see, even reluctant and vocal cats are full of sober brilliance. 

Love, Mrs D (and @PJNT) xxx

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