Welcome to our friendly community where you can talk safely and honestly with others about your relationship with alcohol.

Welcome to our friendly community where you can talk safely and honestly with others about your relationship with alcohol.

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Sick of waging a fierce internal battle with yourself about alcohol? Ready to try and turn things around? This site is a safe space dedicated to helping you help yourself. From the countless tips and techniques in our Sober Toolbox, to our ‘Days Sober’ and ‘Money Saved’ calculators, there are many ways this site works to empower you.

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Caring online community

There are loads of people online here every day, talking openly with one another. Countless different voices sharing their truths, trials and triumphs. No pretending here, and no judgement either. Our ethos is one of tolerance, understanding and kindness and our vibe is unfailingly positive and forward-looking.

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Wealth of content

You’ll find plenty of thought-provoking and inspiring reading material on our site. Advice on how to reframe your thinking, wisdom from people who have faced their own drinking issues and insights from addiction experts. You’re welcome to add your own voice, or just lurk and read what others have to share.

Featured Posts

"I looked at my reflection in the window - wine bottle in hand, tired, sad and defeated. I knew I had to change, and I knew I had to be successful this time."

Hear Tommy explain how sobriety fuelled his passion to help others, the work he does helping clients deal with uncomfortable emotions, and what he thinks will help more men into recovery.

Read Amy's incredible account of losing her house during Cyclone Gabrielle and the test it put on her sobriety.

The latest in our annual series on Sober Self-Care. What constitutes play and why is it good for us?

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When I first got sober, I was desperately lonely.  I was sure that there MUST be other women out there like me, who drank like me and hadn't wound up on skid row, but I didn't know any in real life. In finding Living Sober, I found those women (and men) and I found the community and connection I'd been looking for my whole life. The advice, love and acceptance I found on Living Sober literally changed my life.

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I first joined the Living Sober forum after an especially difficult day in February of 2017, and received immediate support from other members. The many useful ideas and resources here are very helpful, but it’s the ability to connect with others and share their experiences, their sober lives that means the most to me now. 

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I am very grateful and also very proud to be a member of Living Sober. I can say without reservation that the reason I now have a happy, full and successful life without the desire to drink alcohol, ever, is because of the power behind this site. It is about connection. It is about feeling heard. It is about giving and receiving support - each one just as important as the the other. We feel safe here. We feel understood. It is such a privilege to be a part of this community.

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  1. wally 4 years ago

    Thanks for the welcome folks I’ve just seen them now and gave me a lovely feeling of not being alone, don’t want to sound like moaning molly but living alone (my husband died 7 years ago) it was easy to just drink as much as I wanted without anyone saying that might be enough. Anyway day 3 and so far so good, i think, but I noticed today I started to think this is a doddle I can stop anytime so I’ll get a couple of bottles in for Friday, bloody alcohol so sneaky ?. I’m getting stuck into lego tonight I pretend it’s for the grandkids but then I’ve been very good at pretending. I suppose what gets me through the night, right?

  2. amandez 4 years ago

    My attempt at sobriety…once again.Anyone up?

    • Momof2 4 years ago

      Me too (again)

  3. Sapata 4 years ago

    Hello Everyone who welcome me (Sapat) to this group. Not sure if I have done ok but please email if I haven’t. Like Malm not good at all with technology. thanx Sapata

  4. Momof2 4 years ago

    How did you know it was time to stop?

  5. Malm 4 years ago

    Hi Caroline 27 and others. I am not tech savy. Want to join community but paranoid about privacy. I have to put my name personal details below . I pray it’s private

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