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Community Guidelines

The Living Sober ethos is one of sharing, tolerance, connection, understanding, and kindness. Our vibe is unfailingly positive and forward-looking. We encourage warm, friendly and supportive dialogue and will not tolerate personal attacks, spamming, posts that break the law or trolling. Please see our values below.

There are loads of people online here every day, talking openly with one another. Countless different voices sharing their truths, trials and triumphs. No pretending here, and no jugement either. You’re welcome to add your voice or just lurk and read what others have to share.

We care for you, we care for this community, we’re glad you’re here.


Living Sober Values

The values that underpin the Living Sober website, content and community have remained constant since the site’s launch in 2014. They have grown organically from Lotta Dann’s leadership and from members demonstrating what interaction they need in this space.  


We provide an attentive and protected space. We take any and all steps necessary to ensure our site is kept emotionally safe for the people who visit and engage with us. We lead with kind hearts, gentle interactions and a tender manner. We are warm and friendly across all communication types. 


We offer our visitors and members freedom and independence over how they choose to interact with our site, how they choose to address their relationship with alcohol, and how they wish their recovery to look. We encourage self-governance, self-empowerment and self-direction. 


We favour honest, open interactions. We understand the power of vulnerability, and the value in sharing truths bravely and without shame. 


We have open minds, we hear without judgement, we tolerate differences. We understand that everyone’s story is different, everyone’s journey is unique. We offer unconditional, open-hearted support to all who visit.