Rituals for turning over into a New Year

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We have been publishing these New Year's rituals for the past few years. They're a lovely way to formally say goodbye to the year we've just had, and warmly welcome in the new one - with a gentle, optimistic outlook. I highly recommend you give them a go! (Scroll down for 'Saying hello to 2022'). Thanks to @suek for putting these together for us. If you have trouble finding the time and space to do all of her suggestions, just adjust it to suit. No pressure - just do what you can. 

Saying goodbye to 2021

Find a special space that feels comfortable and make it cosy. Get ready with a nice cup of tea or a cool drink.

Wear comfy clothes and light a candle before you begin. Think back on the past year and, using an old notebook, journal or loose paper, answer these questions:

  • What were my happiest times in 2021?
  • What did I do or achieve that I’m please with?
  • How did I grow personally or spriritually in 2021?
  • What habits did I let go? What habits did I pick up?
  • What did I make or build or develop in 2021?
  • How did I take care of myself in 2021?
  • Who were my guides during 2021?
  • Who did I guide, help, influence in 2021?
  • What major challenges did I face? How did I face them?
  • What miracles did I experience?

After exploring these questions, write a list of the things you’re most grateful for in 2021.

Now, write a heartfelt goodbye note to 2021. You are leaving it behind, and moving into a brand new year, so take this opportunity to take formal leave of 2021. It can be as long or short as you like.

Close your notebook or journal and put it away, then move your body! Do some yoga, dance, bounce, shake, got for a walk or run - any kind of movement you feel like, for as long as you like.

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Saying hello to 2022

On January 1st or as soon as you can, decide on where you want to carry out your ritual.

Set up a comfy spot with a mat, cushion, blankets, candle, music—whatever you need to create a lovely space.

Use a brand new notebook or sheet of paper, prepare some drinks/food for the writing session and dress in your favourite clothes.

Light a candle to shine the way into the unknown then pick up your pen and answer these questions:

  • What new things would you like to learn in 2022?
  • What dreams or longings would you like to pursue in 2022?
  • What personal qualities do you want to grow and strengthen in 2022?
  • Do you anticipate major challenges in 2022? How would you like to face them?
  • What could you do this year that would make you proud of yourself?
  • What could you do to increase your health and vitality? Physical, mental and spiritual.
  • What habits would you like to pick up in 2022? What habits would you like to drop?
  • What relationships do you want to make a priority in 2022?
  • What could you do to support and nourish yourself in 2022?
  • What could you do to delight yourself? On a daily basis… and anything big, one-off.

Read over your responses. Are there any recurring words or themes? Note them down.

Write a note of encouragement for yourself. IWhat advice do you give? What cautions and what encouragements?

Now, write a heartfelt welcome note to 2022. Tell it what your heart desires, and how you plan to honour this time of your life.

Wishing you a year of love and light and power.


  1. reena 11 months ago

    Love this doing now ty

  2. Claire Juby 2 years ago

    This is so lovely. I’m going to do it. Are you able to update the years please. 2020 and 2021.

    • Author
      Mrs D 2 years ago

      Ah sorry! Have done that now. x

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