December – Sobriety Gifts

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Sobriety Gifts by @suek


It was this time last year that I committed to writing these self-care posts. I was excited about having a monthly writing project. I was excited to mine my own self-care practices and share them with all of you on the sober path. And here we are: month 12 of a one-year series. I’ve covered many topics, all somehow tied into sobriety.

For December, it felt kind of obligatory to write about how to take care of ourselves during the silly season. How to navigate the boozy parties, office shenanigans, family get-togethers, pressure to spend too much, eat too much, go out too much and generally wear ourselves out. Why? Because it’s December! Obviously. This is how things roll for so many of us.

But holiday season self-care has been covered so well here on Living Sober over the years. I don’t think I have any new advice to add.

So I decided to switch things around, and not ask “How can I get through the silly season sober?” Instead, ask, “What gifts does sobriety give me so I can face the silly season with confidence, control, grace and patience?”

I found that sobriety really truly is the gift-to-self that keeps on giving. Here, in no particular order, are the gifts I have received from sobriety in the past 11 years. In December 2012, when I was facing Christmas in New Zealand with less than 3 months of sobriety under my belt, this list was much shorter. It was a very wobbly time. But each year, new gifts are added to the pile. Sobriety is generous. Sobriety is resourceful and abundant.

Sobriety gives me better sleep.
Sobriety gives me less physical stress on my body.
Sobriety gives me a chance to make better eating choices.
Sobriety gives me awareness of my own needs.
Sobriety gives me the discipline to stick to my routines.
Sobriety gives me the confidence to say no thank you to events I do not want to attend.
Sobriety gives me spare time to exercise and meditate.
Sobriety gives me more money to spend on things I love and are healthy.
Sobriety gives me the ability to be alert and conscious with other people.
Sobriety gives me more productivity.
Sobriety gives me more creativity.
Sobriety gives me more patience. (Most of the time!)
Sobriety gives me smarter decision-making.
Sobriety gives me more happiness and more contentment.
Sobriety gives me feelings of pride rather than remorse.
Sobriety gives me a chance to relax in healthy ways.
Sobriety gives me the gift of never losing my keys and wallet any more. (That’s gold for me!)
Sobriety gives me peace, love, comfort and joy. Fancy that!

Thank you all for reading along with me this year, and thank you especially to those of you who commented and shared your self-care tips. I’m super grateful for you all.

I wish you all peace, love, comfort and joy. And all the gifts of sobriety your heart desires.

  1. Ginger1960 2 months ago

    Thank you Sue, that was such a lovely list to read.
    Sobriety gives me peace of mind.❤️

  2. PeterM 2 months ago

    My sobriety is a blessing to my family. It is the greatest gift I can give them.

    • SueK 2 months ago


  3. ImInHereSomewhere 3 months ago

    Thank you for your beautiful post. I hope you don’t mind I am going to copy it down and refer to it every day, especially during this silly season as I’m on 97, and so a bit wobbly here and there. I love hearing how the gift of sobriety keeps giving! Thank you

    • SueK 2 months ago

      That’s a great idea! We have to keep reminding ourselves of all the great things that come from being sober, especially when we are a bit wobbly, and especially when we are facing our “firsts” like first sober Christmas, New Year, or whatever. Sending you both love.

    • ginger6 2 months ago

      Yes, I agree – on day 98 now…

  4. HRJK 3 months ago

    Sobriety gives me hope
    Sobriety gives me something incredible in common with yourself and the rest of the amazing Living Sober family

    Thank you so much for a year of Sober Self Care posts. I’ve enjoyed and learned from. every one of them.

    • SueK 2 months ago

      Yes, the gift of the sober community is priceless.

  5. RSW 3 months ago

    Great post and perspective, thanks @suek

    • SueK 2 months ago

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  6. Anonymous 3 months ago

    Hello, SueK. That list about covers a lot of it, great list, hadn’t thought of all of them, but all of them resonate. You know I was thinking, Sobriety gives me more restaurant choices, now that I don’t care about what is on the drink list. Perhaps that is part of the “smarter decision making.” Best to you, SueK, enjoy your silly season.

    • SueK 2 months ago

      I never thought of the gift of more restaurants… but it’s so true. Since I have been free from booze, I have tried all sorts of small restaurants without liquor licenses, and have had some amazing meals. I would NEVER have gone to any of them in my previous life!

  7. Rowyourboat 3 months ago

    Great list Sue! Happy holiday season from me to you 🙏

    • SueK 3 months ago

      Thank you for reading! Happy holidays to your too.

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