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Plum refresher

February 1st, 2021 Drink of the Week

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This is just the ticket on a hot summers day! If you don’t have a good amount of plums to make your own cordial try and find a good one in a store somewhere.

Plum cordial recipe:

Put chopped up plums and stones into a pot and cover with water
Boil until everything is very soft then strain.
Add in sugar – approx half the amount of liquid (or less if you’d like it more bitter)
Simmer until sugar has disolved

Ingredients for each drink:

Plum cordial
Fizzy or still water
Fresh mint leaves
Fresh lemon thyme leaves


For each drink mix 1/3 cordial with 2/3 water (adjust depending on the strength of your cordial)
Add in the fresh herbs and ice


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