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Chamomile Ginger Passionfruit tea

March 25th, 2015 Drink of the Week

This recipe comes from our beloved member @morgan who says; “This is a tea or mocktail for every occasion. It can be simple, or you can brew up a wonderful concoction with the teas you have. I brew a litre teapot every night – real grated ginger is the key – then in the morning I pour it into a nice bottle and add some passionfruit syrup.”

Basic Ingredients:
2-4 chamomile teabags or loose flowers in an infuser
Big chunk of grated fresh ginger (2 thumb lengths)
1 litre boiling water
2 tbsp passionfruit syrup (or to taste)

Add 1-2 tsp honey
Mix up the teabags using other flavours e.g. lemon ginger, green, red, white, oat straw, or hibiscus & cherry
Add fresh herbs such as sage or lemon balm

* Combine the tea bags, ginger & boiling water (plus optional extras) in a teapot or other container and leave to brew for 1-2 hours or overnight.
* Pour into a large drinking bottle or jug and add passionfruit syrup
* Enjoy as is or top with soda water for a lighter, bubbly version!

chamomile mocktail 2

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