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Sobriety Chat: Simon

December 6th, 2022 Interviews

Simon K preview

Simon Kozak is a husband, father, grandfather, friend, athlete, former advertising guru, award winning marketer… and he is sober. Click on the links below to watch or listen to Simon’s Sobriety Chat. He talks about his powerful turning point with booze, how recovery is a selfish act (and that’s OK!), the power of lived experience and peer support, and the parallels between running and recovery. The running recovery organisation Simon talks about is Speed Freaks. And he works at Ember Korowai Takitini.

Audio Recording Below

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Sober Story: Matt


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RIP Robin Williams

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“There is this thing for alcoholics called a black out which isn’t really a black out it’s more like sleepwalking with activities.” That quote from this interview with him on Australian TV in 2010 .

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My friend David has just put some super-yummy new mocktails on the menu at his cafe – Peppermill Cafe in Porirua.

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