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My sober pandemic: V

April 26th, 2020 Interviews

lovely silver bedsheets

“No foggy head and lurching pains in my tummy in the morning to add to the challenging day ahead.”



V: Worrying on a personal level, for my family’s and my own health and saddened for my industry (hospitality) where all places are closed for the foreseeable future. I am worried some may not make it financially and may not re-open.

V: Lockdown has been helpful for me to stop drinking as I have decided to try and use it to do all the stuff I am too busy to do normally. Like eat healthily, exercise, read and listen to literally loads of quit lit audio books …. me time.

V: This is day 23

V: No foggy head and lurching pains in my tummy in the morning to add to the already challenging day ahead with kids, trying to be healthy and still do housework etc.

V: One or two but, luckily, not many. I had one 30 min craving the other day. Sun was shining. I was in the back garden. Hubby still drinking (I will work on that next lol) but then the craving was gone. I got a freezing cold can of juice from my new 2nd fridge I bought just to keep a multitude of different flavoured non alcoholic drinks and some other adult treats I don’t want the kids to eat lol (e.g. Marks and Spencers chilli and garlic Honduran prawns etc. They deserved their own fridge don’t you think?!) The kids have been told to stay away from ‘Mums treat fridge’. Which they know, in NO way, is it a booze fridge.

V: See above ???. Then new fridge ?.

Mrs D: What are you doing to fill in the days?

V: Eating out of the new fridge ??. And chopping a lot of fruit and veg to make crunchy fresh salads, stir frys and fruit salad.

V: Try and emerge from the lockdown with less problems then you started – feeling stronger , healthier and happier. No hangovers in the morning is making this much more achievable.

V: This are my new bed sheets (that could do with an iron but I literally just stepped out the bed). You know when you have a hangover, you change your sheets much less that you should. Well these get changed every 3/4 days. I will work on the ironing (what I mean is I will start buying non-iron duvet covers after seeing this pic ??). At least they smell great every night ??.

V: Good luck everyone ! Stay safe xxxx


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