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Must watch TV - Nigel Latta on booze...

August 9th, 2014 Mrs D's Blog

I was going to save mentioning this until next week but a couple of people are talking about it already. Next Tuesday night at 9.30pm on TV ONE Nigel Latta takes on alcohol.

It will blow your mind.

I’m telling you, if you want to feel good about getting sober watch this programme. I was sent a preview copy and Mr D and I watched it together in silence. At the end as the credits rolled I sat up on the edge of my seat … leaned forward and said very slowly and carefully..”I know I’ve said it before but my god I am so happy that I am sober and do not have that shit in my life any more.”

For you folks overseas I’ll post the link to the item On Demand on the TVNZ website once it has aired. It’s a really, really good mini-documentary examining exactly what alcohol is, what it does, and what approach New Zealand takes towards it (in terms of awareness and availability).

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