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Brain Re-Training (Video)

June 3rd, 2020 Interviews Mrs D's Blog

One of the big jobs we have to do when getting sober is to turn around all the hard-wired thoughts we have about alcohol. All those messages we’ve been fed our entire lives, and have been thinking over and over, about the supposedly positive aspects of drinking. This tip video outlines some steps that will help you with this process.

Start becoming very aware of what your brain is doing and clearly identify when you’re thinking positive thoughts about alcohol i.e. that having a drink is the only way you’re going to enjoy an upcoming event or the best way to relax right now would be by drinking. Get to know your inner voice that is extremely pro-alcohol so you can squash it.

Every time you notice that you’re thinking another positive thought about booze, challenge it and turn it around. Actively do this.

Remind yourself of the truth about where drinking takes you. Don’t let the romantic images take hold – bring to mind the messy, sloppy, sad images that are the reason you’re wanting to change. Those images are real and they’re powerful.

Then, once you’ve identified the pro-booze thought and challenged it, work on reframing it. There are some helpful posts with oodles of comments that illustrate how do to this here and here. Read these, and communicate with others on sites like this about what you’re doing.

Working hard at re-training your thinking and turning thoughts around will lead you to not only clearly see the truth about alcohol, but it will also free up mental space for you to get a better understanding of your emotional needs and what you can do to nourish yourself in place of booze.

That is what sobriety is all about.

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