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Agua Fresca

May 23rd, 2021 Drink of the Week

glistening drink This recipe comes from @suek who says: “I’ve been living in Mexico for the past 7 months. Mexico = margueritas for many. But for us sober folks, Agua Fresca is the magic drink to order in restaurants. Agua Frescas are basically ripe, juicy fruits blended with water and ice (and sometimes sugar), so the water takes on a subtle flavour of the fruit. These drinks arenˋt super intense or tasty like juices. They are super hydrating and refreshing though. Also very easy to make at home. My current favourite is cucumber and ginger.


2 small peeled cucumbers Small knob of fresh ginger A few ice cubes Two or three cups of cold water


Put all ingredients in the blender Blend for a minute or two You can drink it as is, kind of thick and pulpy
Or if you prefer it a bit smoother pour it through a fine sieve to get rid of the pulp
Serve with more ice Some other favourites flavours: Strawberry and mint Apple and mint Lemon and lime Mango and pineapple Disfruta! (That’s Spanish for ‘enjoy’.)

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