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Illuminating and rewarding

February 23rd, 2024 Mrs D's Blog

Wow, how life changes when we quit drinking and are no longer subject to the impacts of artificially altering our moods with alcohol.

It’s something quite else when you stop drinking for a long length of time and live through ups and downs and moods and interactions and gatherings and events and challenges and more ups and downs and … so on and so forth.

Only after living sober for some weeks on end do you start to get a sense of how living 100% raw to everything all of the time is quite a earth shattering and groundbreaking act.

Never escaping anything ever.

Never taking the edge off.

Never enhancing your experience.

Never altering your natural state.

Always maintaining a wide open brain.

Always sitting with your natural brain chemicals.

Learning how you flow and how life flows.

It’s a very incredible way to experience life (especially to someone like me who had alcohol in the mix almost daily for over twenty years).

But let’s be honest. Sobriety is hard as hell at times and relentless. It can be lonely when you’re the only sober person in a group environment. But if I’m ever hit with discomfort, I just try and settle inwardly into my truth and reassure myself knowing I’m doing the absolutely the best thing for myself.

And I also always remind myself that even though it might seem like I’m the only non-drinker in the world, I’m not. Far from it. I know that there are many thousands of people doing exactly what I’m doing – being brave, swimming against the boozy tide and and living sober. I feel great solidarity knowing I am a member of the awesome group of sober heroes around the world.

Being sober has helped me to unveil  parts of me I didn’t know existed. Being sober is illuminating and rewarding on a grand scale. It’s also quite countercultural and rebellious.

Quite simply, I love it, and wouldn’t want to live any other way.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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