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We currently are running a survey to find out what visitors to Living Sober site think about our site. If you can spare ten minutes to complete it for us we would greatly appreciate it. The link is here.

This survey is open to all! Whether this be your first time visiting us, or if you're a long-time member, it'd be great to hear what you think.

What brings you here? What keeps you here? (if you do stay around that is ☺️) What do we do well? What could we do better? What impact have we had on your life?

Rest assured all replies are being kept completely anonymous, so speak freely and honestly without any worries. And if you live in New Zealand you could be in to win a $100 prezzie card!

The survey is being carried out as part of an evaluation of our site that is underway. This evaluation has been commissioned by our funding partners - the Health Promotion Agency and the NZ Drug Foundation. It is being carried out by respected evaluation company Cogo.

This is a great opportunity to have our voices heard. So speak openly - safe in the knowledge your replies are private and your insights and knowledge will be used to strengthen and improve what we offer here at Living Sober.

The survey link once again is here. Thank you very much!

Mrs D x

  1. Jodee Bamberger 3 years ago

    I listened to your audio book “Mrs D goes without “ loved it. Even made me chuckle when you swore.
    I now think of what you said when the thought of having a drink in my subconscious mind
    Shut the fuck up”. I just found your site. I love to have a place I can go to daily and listen to motivating advice.
    I like to hear about the science and advertising around alcohol. We need more correct information out to women and the world . The government lies to us in many ways here is one to share

  2. Monnie Brunel 3 years ago

    Mrs d saved my life . I’ve been sober 6 years since finding her and living sober . Love all the stories

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