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Push the fast forward button!!!

November 25th, 2018 Mrs D's Blog

Ok that was SUPER fun!! Loved that ‘Bullshit‘ game in the last post and thanks everyone for playing.

You know, when we go through those thought processes and challenge those common (bullshit) beliefs we start to change the hard-wired thinking we have about alcohol and what it offers. If we attack, attack, attack those beliefs they start to turn around and we see the truth and THEN we start to experience truly blissful freedom from addiction.

Anyway.. here’s another technique called ‘Push the Fast Forward Button’. I’ve also heard it called ‘Play the Tape till the End’. It’s where we think past that first romantic image of booze and focus on the reality of what it ends up being like. I’ll do a couple based on my experiences of being a boozer but again please do add your own in below…

Opening Scene: I pour myself a lovely glass of glistening chardonnay at 5pm with the sun streaming in my kitchen windows. I’m cooking dinner, the kids are watching TV, the radio is playing and I feel like a contented housewife who deserves this lovely liquid release.

Fast Forward: It’s 10pm and as per usual I haven’t been able to stop drinking once I started. I’ve now had over a bottle of wine, I’m slumped on the sofa – heavy and numb – watching the Kardashians (most of which I’ll forget) eating my 4th piece of toast. Soon I’ll shift my drunk body to to bed, sleep like crap for six hours before waking up feeling hungover, guilty and miserable.

Opening Scene: I’m at a friends house on a Friday afternoon – 4 of us mums  with our kids are gathering to celebrate the end of the school term. We’re having a disco / pizza party! The kids are roaming around, the dads are arriving soon, we’re all pouring bubbles and chatting away happily, feeling good about coming together for a mini celebration.

fast forward

Fast Forward: It’s 9.30, I’ve completely overdone it and am shitfaced. I’m pushing the pram the two blocks home feeling dizzy and sick. As soon as we get in the door I lock myself in the toilet and vomit. I can hear Mr D putting the kids to bed down the hall. I feel like crap.

Opening Scene: The children are at my mum’s for the night and we’re off to a wedding! I’ve been at the salon having my hair straightened and am wearing a lovely chiffon top borrowed from my sister. I am very happy to be watching my friends get married and happily accept my first glass of bubbles at 4pm after the ceremony.

Fast Forward: It’s 10.30pm and I’m drunk and emotional. I’ve just been walking around the garden with Mr D in tears about something. My shoes have been lost inside somewhere and I’m wearing borrowed socks (not a good look). I’ve ‘checked out’ emotionally and don’t feel in the mood to dance to the fun cheesy pop songs that are playing. I find myself another wine and sit with some random strangers and rave away self-indulgently about my life’s woes. I fall asleep in the taxi on the way home.

I’ve actually found writing this quite depressing. All of this is true and it makes me feel really sad. But brutal honesty is what set me free and there’s not much point in stopping being brutally honest now. Booze is shit and I’m very very very happy to have it out of my life.

Your turn….

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