Sobriety during a pandemic

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I've been saying for many years that anyone who digs deep to get rid of alcohol and learn to live sober is incredibly brave and amazing. And at no time is that more true than at this time of a global pandemic.

Our lives have been thrown into turmoil. Every normal thing has been blown out of the water. Activities have stopped. Jobs have stopped. Going out of the house has largely stopped. People are getting sick and dying. We're worried about our loved ones. We're worried about the economy. We're beside ourselves with grief. And we're scared.

Emotions have never been so intense, so heightened, so raw. It is literally mind boggling what's going on and extremely hard to get your head around.

In some ways getting sober has prepared us for this. We're used to digging deep to tap into our innermost resources. We're used to sitting with uncomfortable emotions and thinking kindly toward our feelings. We're used to practicing self-care to soothe our troubled minds. We're used to reaching out and connecting with others, sharing honestly about what's going on for us. We've dealt with tough stuff before.

But nothing like this.

So what's a sober person to do at this time of extreme chaos and concern? How can we contend with the shocking reality that is facing us every day for the foreseeable future? What can we do?

The answer is not turn back to alcohol. The answer is this; we keep doing what we've always done.

We dig deep to tap into our innermost recources.

We sit with our uncomfortable emotions and think kindly toward our feelings.

We practice self-care - all the self-care actions we've ever done! - to soothe our troubled minds.

And we reach out to connect with others sharing honestly about what's going on in our minds.

We do everything that we already know how to do, being the kick-arse, brave and amazing sober warriors that we are. This is what will get us through. Continuing on the path we've chosen - a path that is brave, honest, real, grounding, admirable and good. Because grit, determination and bravery is what we're made of, and no bloody virus is going to take that away from us.

Love, Mrs D xxx

  1. healthyhabits 4 years ago

    Thank you for this – so motivating!

  2. Caniwi 4 years ago

    You’re so right about digging deep Mrs D! I’m at day 21 and I’m so grateful I stopped before this lockdown, otherwise I would be drunk by now. I’d be clock checking, hoping and waiting on when I could start pouring that poison down my throat. Today I feel free even though I’m not literally. In lockdown I am truly focusing on self care and one day at a time. Sometimes literally one minute at a time! I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone and reach out, put myself out there, like this! All you amazing people on this site. Stay safe

  3. kiwigal 4 years ago

    I must admit, bring only 3 months sober, I felt quite virtuous hearing everyone talking of stockpiling booze, day drinking etc knowing I would not have to do any of that.
    I did feel a bit jealous that so many would stay home with a legitimate excuse to drink during the day but when I did it I was an alcoholic.
    I have been grateful to be an essential worker, keeping my routine has been my key to sobriety plus the lockdown means I don’t have to come up with an excuse not to socialise.
    I’m not quite ready to go to a pub and drink coke all night even though I have often done this in the past but usually with a reason like being pregnant.
    I hope everyone else is finding their own little pockets of peace during this time.

  4. 4myaj 4 years ago

    Together, weve got this.
    We have a toughness others have never needed. Thank you for the reminder that I can do this ?

  5. Runner 4 years ago

    Makes a lot of sense. Thank you x

  6. Sunshinydays 4 years ago

    Wow… good stuff there Mrs-D . Great to read.

  7. Rosieoutlook 4 years ago

    Hi There
    I’m an original member of this site RosieOutllook. I’m not on here very regularly anymore because I’m nearly 6 years without alcohol and love it!!! This was definitely the site to be on when I gave Alcohol away, so a Big Shout out to Lotta for being the Sober Warrior starting with her blog and then on to this website.
    I had to write in to Sean Plunket on Magic radio the other day to tell him the chat needed to change……. He was wondering if he should be stocking up on more Vodka at this time!!!! I pointed out that over the next few months Alcohol will cause more violence in homes and all he and others are worried about is their alcohol stock! I’m not one to email in, but it just sounded like a crazy conversation to be having at this time. Lotta is right when she says keep up the self care and we will get through this.
    Take Care

  8. Mari135 4 years ago

    I needed this today…Thank you oxoxoxo

  9. Kari 4 years ago

    Thank you for this. I needed connecting today. I am revisiting sober blogs after five years of being alcohol free. Sober blogs were my lifeline five years ago. I had forgotten how much I missed them and how much we all have in common!

  10. Ellen Banthin 4 years ago

    Thank you, Mrs. D, for your wisdom and sage advice. I will be two years sober next month and I am NOT letting this virus take me down! I actually thought about it three weeks ago. I surely could have justified a relapse. I started having the terrible drinking dreams that I had often during my first six months. However, I had a good conversation with my higher power and decided no way, not now, not today. ?
    Power on my sober friends!! I think of sobriety as a super power. We’ve got this!! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Lupita 4 years ago

    “In some ways getting sober has prepared us for this. We’re used to digging deep to tap into our innermost resources. We’re used to sitting with uncomfortable emotions and thinking kindly toward our feelings. We’re used to practicing self-care to soothe our troubled minds. We’re used to reaching out and connecting with others, sharing honestly about what’s going on for us. We’ve dealt with tough stuff before.” SO TRUE!

    I think if anyone is prepared for this, it’s our sober warrior tribe. I think many of us felt isolation for so many years when we drank – the feeling that no one could possible know what we were feeling – scared, out-of-control, worried about our health, alone – all of those feelings are now what we as a collective mind feel on a global scale about this virus. Our “virus” was drinking. Many of us have dealt with these feelings for years and, thanks to our commitment, hard work, and wonderful, supportive communities like these, we are well-trained in coping with these uncomfortable feelings.

    When I see on social media the memes about drinking through the apocalypse or stockpiling alcohol, it makes me think that this pandemic will highlight the poor coping skills that most of the population has. When we come through this, I think many people will be left questioning their drinking. We’ve already done that, we’ve done the hard work. So, let us use our tools to help others as they begin to question their drinking and take action for themselves. Let us welcome them to our communities and help them. We all remember how raw and exposed and uncertain we felt in the beginning. For some it is a distant memory, for others it is in the present. Wherever you’re at on your sober journey, let’s pay it forward to a whole group of people who are just beginning to question things.

    Thank you, @mrs-d, for your beautiful words and for this community. It has been a lifeline and I think it will soon be for so many more. <3

    • Lin Seeger 4 years ago

      Lupita What wonderful words. Yes we can cope without alcohol and we will get through this without it.

  12. SillySassy 4 years ago

    Perfect timing @Mrs-D. I really needed to read( hear) this and let it sink in.

  13. Pollyonthewagon 4 years ago

    Awesome truth Mrs D xxxx

  14. greenfinger 4 years ago


  15. Hopeful48 4 years ago

    Such inspiring and true words.
    Thank you.

  16. mountaingirl1 4 years ago

    Together is the only way. Thank you!

  17. soberbutterfly 4 years ago

    Omg I love it Mrs D!!!♥️♥️♥️

  18. Liberty 4 years ago

    Fantastic @Mrs-D. Hear hear.

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