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Success Reminders

September 3rd, 2014 Guest Posts

I had the good fortune to meet @Watergirl at my Drug Foundation talk and I can confirm she gives good hugs and wears lovely jewellery…! She is also a very brave sober warrior who is grinding her way through early sobriety. She wrote this wonderful post in the members feed this morning, it’s so good I’m going to feature it here.  Please feel free to add your own ‘Success Reminders’ at the bottom.

From @Watergirl: Good happy sober morning to you all. I spent a fair bit of last night reflecting on where I am at in this process of recovery, a reminder is to myself that it is not just about taking the booze away, it’s also about dealing with the rawness of life, that I am now facing the rawness of my emotions. I have however learnt (through life coaching) to observe my emotions, or as one lady said on ‘The  Bubble Hour’; “learn to observe your emotions, pretend you are sitting in the back seat of a car and they are in front of you.”

I also have to remember that emotions are like rain storms – they come and go.

I am going to share with you my success reminders from my life coaching – some people might find this a bit wishy washy, but it has certainly helped me and is definitely a work in progress.

* I will commit to my goals and make them achievable, including career, health, family, spiritually and finance.

* I will be true to myself.

* I will expand my life with new experiences.

* I understand others may not see life as i do and that’s fine.

* Respect others opinions , but I don’t have to own it.

* Surround myself with people who inspire me and are interested in me.

* Have a Mentor.

* Do not judge another, be open.

* Small hurtful words can have huge long term impacts.

* I choose to have empathy with wisdom.

* I will speak well of myself and others.

* I choose to hold myself with the greatest love and respect, and in doing so, I do forgive others and especially forgive myself.

* I resign and release my past with the deepest respect and gratitude.

* I choose to live my life in complete awareness and authenticity.

* I choose to respect protect and nurture my body, mind , soul and emotion.

* I will do my best to be present in my life, and to live by my values and beliefs.

* I will listen to my inner voice and trust it’s guidance.

* I will do my best to think only the best for myself and others, to be conscious of a higher choice.

Thank you for listening It feels good writing that down and reminding myself. Have a great day everyone, stay safe and sober out there.

@Watergirl xx

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