Sobriety Chat: Simone

Lotta and Simone chatting on video

Simone Barclay is a psychologist, addiction clinician, mother, wife, skiier, restorer of vintage furniture.. and she is sober. In this chat Simone talks about what attracted her to drinking, learning to accept her introverted self, the advice she gives clients who are trying to stop drinking, and the wonderful surfing metaphor she uses to describe the transition to a sober life. Watch or listen below. Simone can be found online here.

Audio Recording Below

  1. JocK 1 month ago

    Great interview, thanks Team.

  2. Classic50 2 months ago

    This post and interview have helped me so much. It is like it was tailored just for me! I deparately want to change, I want that light, that authenticity in my life. For me the worst thing about drinking is what a lier it turns me into. I feel sick even thinking that about myself. As far as I know I don’t lie about anything else . Drinking sure does change me. I hate it so much! This post has helped me face up to the truth about what alcohol does to me. I can’t really express how much Mrs D and this post has helped me today. My heart felt thanks to you both. You are courageous and kind.

  3. Starlight 2 months ago

    Thank you Simone. I absolutely love the metaphor about the surf. Spot on. You have such a caring nature about you. “Collective delusion” such an accurate way to put it. Do you research, record it, review it… so good. Being your authentic self all the time. Such a gift. Wow. I really loved this one. Such an inspiring chat. My favorite one yet Lotta!

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