Monday night witching hour…

Just wondering how everyone going tonight? I know there are some people in the members section who are feeling the pull to drink very strongly right now.. and are doing their best to resist (with the unbelievably awesome support of other Living Sober members)..

There are also people busy pouring their booze down the drain, people celebrating milestones (30 days – hooray to @colourful1!).. and people re-setting their sobriety clocks back to Day 1.

We’re all in it together, that’s the main thing. Getting sober isn’t the flick of a switch.. it’s a process .. sometimes a very long process indeed.

I’m going to listen to some Tara tonight.. am in the mood for a bit of grounding.. things are busy and wonderful but I need to keep myself calm deep down inside. Don’t we all…?

Love, Mrs D xxx

  1. Twinkle 10 years ago

    Helloooooo! I had an interesting experience this evening. Very busy and stressful day with passport paperwork I stopped by an old neighbours house ( at 6 pm) to have her sign my sons photos. I used to drink pretty heavily with this girl years ago. Of course, she offered me a glass of wine, I said no! But it was like the back of my throat was itching. I didn’t stay long, saying I
    had to go to the shops and get something for tea. I had to completely avoid the wine aisle opting for chocolate paddle pops instead. One eaten in the car on the way home. Drinks 0 – Paddle Pops 2, chocolate pudding 1. Night night x x happy I made it to bed sober. 🙂

    • nikistyles 10 years ago

      I am just knew to the site and reading everyone’s stories you did fantastic I think the best thing about this site is we know we can all understand each other

  2. gabbygirl14 10 years ago

    I was not jumping for joy about having to change the date of my last drink because then I had to hit the “calculate” button. I made it 6 days. I did not drink on Friday (whoo hoo)!!!! Yeah me… so I did give in on Saturday and Sunday but it is what it is. As Lulu would say… I am dusting myself off and I am back to 1. 1 is better than 0. I have been at this since July 22nd and Mrs. D is 100% correct… this is a process. Thank you for all of your support. EVERYONE!

  3. FinallyDawned 10 years ago

    Have arranged to get my nails done with gels this week to celebrate my 100 days- so I’m looking forward to that at the moment – yippee!

    • Rundontwine 10 years ago

      Congrats!! That’s awesome! 128 here.

    • aprilaries 10 years ago

      Fan-Flippin-Tastic. Congrats xxx

  4. teapotdictator 10 years ago

    It is a long process, isn’t it. BUT I feel like making the decision to be sober *is* the flicking of a switch, and a really important one for me. I hope I don’t ever change my mind on THAT particular aspect.

    It feels like a commitment to try to be authentic. To be all growned up… 😉

    • No4Vino 10 years ago

      It is so funny you said that Teapotdictator – that’s exactly how I feel, that over the past two months I’ve finally grown up. It’s like I’ve taken ownership of my life and have some clarity!

      Ps – love your name. I purchased a teapot and bone china tea cup and saucer as my first week sober reward. I now drink tea like it’s going out of fashion and LOVE it. Husband and kids think it’s harlious – they are still coming to terms with my missing wine glass bless them 🙂

  5. Lulu 10 years ago

    Reading posts through the weekend has been so enlightening. Several members have given into temptation but rather than give up they have taken a good look at what happened and why, dusted themselves off with a little shake of the head, reset their sobriety clocks and started over. That is just Awesome!! I am so moved and inspired by the tenacity and courage it takes to keep coming back. Thank you so much for the painfully honest posts, you are all such stars!

  6. Seizetheday 10 years ago

    I’m pulled over on side of road n getting a ginger beer n cheese n crackers to eat on the way home to keep my blood sugars at good level. I find the more empty my stomach the more I want to drink n I know I’ll get a hit faster on empty stomach. Hang in there everyone, nurture your bodies n brains with stuff it needs- not shitty stinky alcohol!

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