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Magic Water

August 26th, 2016 Drink of the Week

Ha ha! Ok this is not really magic water, and you could hardly call it a recipe… but the truth is that despite all of the delicious concoctions I share here, most days at 5pm I simply have a glass of fizzy water.

But lately – it has not been so simple after all!! No! Lately I have been jazzing up my water with not only ice cubes and a slice of lemon, but a SLICE OF CUCUMBER AS WELL!!!!!! Holy shiz this is some fancy-ass action going on in my kitchen!

But seriously folks, adding a slice of cucumber to your fizzy water (along with the obligatory lemon and ice cubes) really does make it taste delicious. And this little act of slicing veggies and enhancing your drink sends a significant self-care message. You are telling yourself you are worth that extra 2% of effort.. it is 5pm and you deserve this lovely refreshing drink (that won’t leave you feeling hungover and miserable).

And that is magic!


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