Lemon Cucumber Crush

Green drinks

This delicious recipe comes from @livelifenow. I drank it with fizzy water and it was super-refreshing. If you want a drink that is more sweet and tart, use tonic water as your mixer instead.


1 telegraph cucumber
Juice of 1 lemon
Soda water or tonic water
Ice cubes
Pomegranate seeds or mint to garnish (optional)


Peel the cucumber then blend/blitz until liquid
Add lemon juice and stir together
Half fill a tall glass then top up with fizzy water (or tonic water if using)
Garnish with pomegranate seeds or mint leaves


  1. rosemaree 2 years ago

    This looks really delish

  2. Hellsbells 2 years ago

    I am going to make this but with half lemon, half rock melon. Yum

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