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The little things...

October 10th, 2015 Mrs D's Blog

little things

It seems to me that a lot of people have been commenting in the Members Feed recently about all the little things that they are noticing they are able to achieve now that they are not drinking.

We often talk about the big changes – better sleep, clearer skin, improved feelings of pride and self worth, more time spent connecting with family and friends.. etc etc..

But there are numerous other little things that improve – sometimes the improvement is tiny, and perhaps we don’t notice or give ourselves enough kudos for how they have moved for the better.

For me these things include (but are not limited to)..

Dressing: I am convinced that I am making more of an effort thinking about what I’m going to wear and making myself look and feel good in my clothes. I’ve never been a great one for fashion or shopping but now that I’m sober I feel like this area of my life has improved slightly. I care just enough more to take a little bit of extra time planning my outfits. And I am less likely to keep wearing something if I realise I don’t feel good in it (whereas before I would just keep chucking something on because it was in the cupboard even though I never felt great in it).

Makeup: This hasn’t changed hugely – I’ve never really worn any makeup my whole life! But now that I’m sober (and maybe this is because I am ageing as well) I make slightly more effort with makeup. I’ll put on mascara and lipstick if I’m going to a work function or out for the evening.

Housework: I’ve always been clean and organised but now I find it much easier to stay ahead of the clutter. And I’m less likely to begrudge it.. rather seeing it as an ordinary by-product of a busy and full house.

Creative endeavours: Ok I’m not very strong in this area. I don’t do any crafting or gardening or anything.. but I do write a lot of words online and I’m sure being sober helps my creative flow in this area. And I am doing colouring in which I am finding really calming and quite creative (fun choosing colours!).

Cooking: I am constantly preparing food for my family. I’m not a natural cook, I need a recipe to follow, but I have become a lot more adventurous about what recipes I choose and I’m more confident to try new things. If I’m really tired I can slip back to the tried and true meals but whenever I’ve got extra energy I put more effort into getting the cookbooks out and giving new meals a go.

I would be really interested to hear what little things such as these have improved for you. What do you notice you’re putting more effort into? What daily/weekly tasks are you appreciating more or finding you are putting  a little more effort into?

Love, Mrs D xxx

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