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Summer Lemon Cordial

December 15th, 2016 Drink of the Week

I was given a huge bottle of this by a friend who made it out of lemons and honey from her parents farm, it didn’t last long! It would be a great idea to make this in advance of Christmas Day and then have it on hand to mix with ice and fizzy water for a delicious festive drink. The quantities here make a lot of cordial, half or quarter the recipe if you don’t want as much.

2 litres water
5 cups honey (or sugar)
2 tbsp citric acid
10 lemons

Put the water, honey and citric acid into a large pot and stir over a moderate heat until the honey dissolves.
Peel 10 lemons into the pot and bring to the boil.
Turn the heat off and leave to cool.
When cool squeeze lemons and add the juice to the pot. Remove the peel and pour into bottles for storing.
Mix with fizzy water and ice when ready to drink.



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