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Sobriety chat: Suzy

March 14th, 2022 Interviews

preview of video chat

Suzy Morrison is a addiction specialist, peer advocate, educator, mother, grandmother, and she is sober. Click below to watch or listen to my Sobriety Chat with Suzy. We talk about how low she felt at the end of her drinking days, the shame and isolation of living in active addiction, the pain of blackouts, the huge growth that happens in the first 18 months of recovery, living with regret, and the power of keeping it in the day.

Scroll to the very bottom for links to posts Suzy has written for us here at Living Sober.

Audio recording below

Posts at Living Sober written by Suzy:
Sober Story: Suzy
Broken Angel (Guest Post)
My Sober Lockdown: Suzy
Ask An Expert: Suzy (Consumer Project Lead)

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