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Sober celebrities...

August 20th, 2014 Mrs D's Blog

I LOVE them. I just love them.. and I cling on to their stories for dear life. Somehow for some reason seeing these ‘famous’ people living happy lives with no alcohol added is tremendously reassuring and strengthening for me.

Sober blogger Mr Al K Hall (get it?!) has pulled together some fabulous posts on sober celebrities .. basically compilations of media quotes from the subject where they referred to their recovery. You can read them here (my fav is Colin Farrell).

I know famous people are at heart just like us – putting their trousers on one leg at a time – so it’s no surprise that many of them get addicted and some of them get sober.. but I just really dig when they come out and start talking openly about recovery and how awesome it can be.

When I first stopped drinking I’d look around and see famous sober people like Rob Lowe and Keith Urban and think ‘they’re sober and they don’t look miserable. It must be possible to be sober and happy. I’m going to work on getting sober and happy like them!’ (And I did. In case I haven’t mentioned it before I love love love being sober.)

We need these lamp-lighters. People shining a light for those still stuck in a boozy misery. People on Peaceful Sobriety Island waving out. Famous and not-famous people! Proud, happy, openly sober people living fun, full lives with no booze added.

I just finished Rob Lowe’s second autobiography and he had the great quote in it “one of the gifts of recovery is authenticity, finding your true self”.. YES! I was so excited about this quote I tweeted it and copied in his twitter handle @RobLowe in the secret hopes he might re-tweet or favorite my tweet…! No such luck sadly.

Yesterday Living Sober member @persevering wrote “This morning I decided to google sober or tee-total celebrities, and I was quite amazed with who appeared there. These people aren’t, like, on my speed dial or actually not even facebook friend, so I don’t know their back story, but it goes to show how alcohol doesn’t discriminate. Maybe you know these people didn’t drink, but I didn’t: Ewan McGregor, Chris Martin, Steve Jobs, Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Radcliffe, David Bowie, Tom Waits, Prince… the list goes on. Now think about this in terms of socialising without alcohol, of being and of having fun in a social setting. I struggle with the concept still, so this is a good exercise for me. Imagine an alcohol-free dinner party with some of these people… (you can pick your favourites or replace with others you know of) Question = fun, or not fun? My answer = FUN! INTERESTING! EXCITING!”

@persevering had a great response from other members naming sober celebrities who would be great fun at a dinner party. Point being – alcohol isn’t needed to make that event fun if you’ve got a good attitude and lively personalities.

Any more anyone can think of?

Love, Mrs D xxx

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