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My Sober Lockdown: Bonnie

April 13th, 2020 Interviews

Gorgeous old dog

This is a new series of ‘Sober Lockdown Stories’ featuring people with any length of sobriety sharing how they’re keeping themselves well during the global pandemic crisis.

Today’s sober hero is Bonnie who lives in Whanganui, Manawatu.


Mrs D: How are you feeling about what’s going on with this Covid-19 virus? 

Bonnie: I’m actually quite enjoying the solitude and time out from a very hectic work/normal life, but I am looking forward to going back to work and my colleagues and the hectic full on job.

Mrs D: How have your emotions shifted and changed since the crisis began? 

Bonnie: I was pretty unsettled by the Level 3 announcement and wondered what would happen, would I have a job? Would I get covid 19 would my mum be OK? I actually got a stress migraine on the monday.

Mrs D: How long have you been sober for?

Bonnie: This time 18 days

Mrs D: How is being sober helping you at this crazy time? 

Bonnie: I think I am starting to understand about being kind to me and looking after my health. Because I can’t go out I don’t feel I need to be helping everyone else, putting myself last as I normally do.

Mrs D: Have you had any pangs to drink since the lockdown began? 

Bonnie: To be honest having no booze in the house and not being able to go go out to get any has meant I’ve had no huge pangs, just the odd niggle.

Mrs D: Any particular self-care actions that are helping you in these gritty times? 

Bonnie: Take a nana nap and read a good book.

Mrs D: What are you doing to fill in the days? 

Bonnie: I love gardening, my borders are looking so good and the weeds are nearly under control. Lots more to do though.

Mrs D: What would you say to people who are struggling with alcohol while they’re in lockdown? 

Bonnie: Wow thats a hard one! Get all booze out of the house, get someone else to shop who won’t buy booze so no temptation. Think about yourself, your health, your future as a sober person. Don’t be too hard on yourself – addiction is awful  and loads of us have battled it for many years. It’s not easy to get out of the cycle.

Mrs D: What’s in this photo you’ve shared with us?

Bonnie: My lovely dog Blue who is so amazing and loves me to bits. He’s 3 years old and a real mothers pet. Hates the rain, won’t go in the sea.

Mrs D: Anything else you’d like to add?

Bonnie: If you are trying the sober thing, good on you, its not easy. If you trip, pick yourself up and try again. Don’t be too hard on yourself but do try again because at some point you will have a breakthrough and see a different future. I know I’ve fallen off the wagon many times and hated myself to the point of not wanting to carry on. Get help if you need it. Start with your GP if you dont know where to start.

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