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Mellow Mimosa

December 19th, 2020 Drink of the Week

drink with rosemary & cherry Another drink from foodie Annie Kenning: ‘Ooh Mummy, your drink looks so yummy!  Can I have a try?’ Child tries drink. Child likes drink very, very much. ‘Mum please can I have some more of that. Mum I want more. Mum – give it to me, now!’ Child has drink. Child finishes drink. There is nothing left for the poor, thirsty mum. And so the curse of the fruity, overly-sugary, mocktail continues. But no more! Here is another recipe that satisfies my need for a drink that tastes, looks and smells ‘adult’. This drink has exotic flavours and is (mostly) kid-repellant.  


Non-alcoholic sparkling wine
Freshly squeezed citrus juice (grapefruit/ tangelo/ orange/ mandarin)
Sparkling water
Sprig of Rosemary 1 stemmed maraschino cherry


Place the cherry and the sprig of rosemary in a champagne glass.
Fill 1/3 of the glass with juice.
Fill the next  1/3 with non-alcoholic sparkling wine.
Top up the rest of the glass with sparkling water.
Gently stir to ensure the liquids have mixed.
Note: you can also add ginger to this recipe.  Fresh lemonade or grapefruit cordial can also be used in place of the freshly squeezed juice. Enjoy!

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