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Love, Peace, Joy & Hope

April 23rd, 2016 Guest Posts

If anyone is reading this post and hasn’t yet registered to become a member here at Living Sober and therefore hasn’t been inside the Community Area (specifically the Members Feed) then you are an IDIOT!!!!

Sorry.. don’t mean to be rude… but honestly.. no disrespect to all of the features and content outside of the Community Area .. but it is inside that space is where the real gold occurs in the form of lovely, kind, fascinating, and inspirational interactions. 

Just lots of us ordinary people constantly posting about our truths as we forge ahead with an alcohol-free life … sharing, empathising, encouraging and being kind to one another. 

Actually we’re not ordinary –  we’re extraordinary. We are all brave sober warriors… digging deep and working hard to re-invent ourselves, facing up to life courageously and authentically. Sober. Every day I read updates in the Member Feed that blow me away. Here is a recent example of some powerful inspiration shared by our very own @jo14.


@jo14: Not quite 6AM here. Finished my first cup of coffee, wrote in my journal, caught up on emails and social media, then came on here to check in. As I was reading the posts, I began to think how brave we all are.

We share our stories, our days, our lives and in doing so, we help each other out in more ways than we think. I learn from each and every one on here. Even though I am one who has a big number of days sober, I sure remember what it was like at the beginning.

The beginning is a time of great changes and challenges, being reminded of the struggles helps me stay on my sober path. Reading about those with bigger numbers than me, gives me hope to continue and know that it gets much, much easier to live sober and how fast those sober days really do add up. It really is a win-win situation.

We are all on this journey of living our lives sober but how we accomplish this is very different. There is no magic blueprint to guide us. The process is unique for each of us just like each of us are unique. No matter what, believe in you and do not give up no matter how many times you stumble.

I am so glad I didn’t. After way too many years of drinking, way too many stumbles, and way too many day ones, here I am sober – at 627 days. I share my number not to brag, but to offer hope. I am still so very humbled by this number. I guess the saying is true…you can teach an old dog a new trick! Haha.

“Change your thoughts…Change your life.”

“What you believe defines what is possible to you. Redefine your beliefs.”
“Determine your own story.”

Breathe and remember if you are struggling…It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope…all are possible. ????


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