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Little by little

June 21st, 2024 Mrs D's Blog

Little by little ladder

@kristins shared this image and it is such a powerful way of illustrating the power and importance of small steps and little changes. Boozing is living life in the fast lane, whaking emotions over the head with a sledgehammer, fast action and fast results that work in the moment but do nothing to help the biggere picture.

Sobriety is not like that. Sobriety is small steps and little changes. These little actions and milestones can feel like nothing much, but they add up, and they work.  

Small steps. Little by little.

Little movements towards change.

First time 5pm rolls by and you don’t pour yourself a drink.

First trip to the supermarket without purchasing wine.

First Friday night without booze.

First entire weekend spent sober.

First time you wake after 8 uninterrupted hours sleep.

First time you look in the mirror and notice a change.

First time you move into your day feeling positive and strong.

First BBQ without drinking.

First sober wedding.

First sober holiday. 

First sober birthday. 

First sober concert.

First time something simple hits you as something glorious.

First time you feel pure unadulterated joy.

First time you cry gutteral tears.

First time your anger hits you like intense rage.

First time you tell someone your truth.

First time someone shares their truth back.

First time someone says you’re brave, you’re amazing, you’re an inspiration. I’m so proud of you.

Little by little. Inch by inch. Step by step. Hour by hour. Day by day. 

Little movements towards monumental change.

Just take the little steps. Notice the firsts. Enjoy the change. 

They are taking you somewhere.

Mrs D xxx

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