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All that effort...

March 5th, 2017 Mrs D's Blog

Boy I did use to put a lot of effort into being a booze-pig. So much time and energy spent planning my drinks, buying my drinks, drinking my drinks, and recovering from my drinks.

On top of all the effort into my alcohol habit I also put a lot of effort into running the rest of my life. I ran a household, managed my relationships, work, study – I did it all. But of course everything was made a little bit harder because of the drinking.

All that effort drinking. All that effort recovering from drinking. All that effort managing everything else while drinking and recovering from drinking. Makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

@mac007 said the same thing in the Members Feed this morning. “It does take huge effort and strength on your behalf to make things happen. But we have to remember the effort we put into our every day life to drink. The planning, the gathering, the every minute thinking about it, the timing of moments, the secret squirrel missions to accomplish a moment to drink, the times we stopped our life and chosen to drink instead. The wasted days, holidays, years when they were washed away down our throats and never to be retrieved again. That all took a tremendous amount of effort…..”

But what does this show? It shows what we’re capable of. We’ve got superhuman abilities! If we choose to we can do anything. All is takes is a transferring of our efforts.

Work at your sobriety like your life depends on it (it does). Put the same amount of effort into getting sober as you did boozing. Put this same effort into staying sober as you did holding down your life while you boozed. Think about it, plan it, practice it, manage it. At first it really does need to take almost all of your energies. But as time goes on it will require way less effort (although you can never take your eye off it completely).

And always keep in mind a very clear picture about why you are making this switch, why you are transferring your energies into something else. Why you are digging deep to become the best version of yourself that you can be.

Because booze is shit, that’s why. And all the cool people are sober nowadays.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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