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My New Year's Resolution...

January 6th, 2017 Mrs D's Blog

I’m not usually a huge one for New Year’s resolutions because I don’t want to feel useless when I don’t manage to stick to them them. But this year I reckon I came up with a good one…

“I’m going to keep trying to be the best version of myself that I can be.”

I like this one because it is big and brave but gives me a lot of wriggle room. It’s also full of compassion and understanding about myself.

I will KEEP trying to be the best version of myself that I can be because that is what I am already doing. I am actively engaged with myself to always try and better myself in emotional, physical and spiritual ways … and so long as I keep on that path then I’m good.

I will keep TRYING to be the best version of myself that I can be because making an effort and having good intentions is what’s important to me, not achieving some sort of perfect result.

I will keep trying to be the best version of MYSELF because that’s all that I can be. I can’t be like the other perfect, slim, uber-groomed, sugar-free, paleo, carb-free, marathon running women in the world because that’s them, not me. I can’t be like anyone else because they are not me. I am the only me there is so striving to be the best version of me is all I can and will do.

My New Years resolution includes room for me to be messy and imperfect some of the time. It includes understanding that I am a flawed human being who is still developing emotionally. It includes accepting that I can still turn to unhealthy habits in times of stress and heightened emotion and changing those habits is going to take time. And it includes room for acknowledging the huge strides I have already taken in my life (the main one being getting sober over five years ago!!).

My New Year’s resolution this year is such a good one I intend to keep it for many years to come.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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