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Alcohol in food….

August 5th, 2014 Mrs D's Blog

I was asked on my Facebook page how I felt about boozy deserts like sherry trifle or crepes with orange liquor. The lovely Facebooker Lyn said “Booze in cooked food doesn’t worry me because it does burn off .. it’s the liquor soaked sponges and fruits etc that I love and would still like to be able to have (like Christmas trifle etc) and not feel like I’ve broken my record of being sober? What’s the thoughts?”

Early on in my sobriety I was offered fresh strawberries soaked in liqueur at a dinner party and felt it rude not to have them. But boy it  felt WEIRD and uncomfortable. I could taste the raw alcohol. I gulped 3 huge glasses of water straight afterwards (trying not to look as freaked out as I felt…!). And after that night I now try to  avoid any foods with alcohol in them unless it’s been cooked down (like wine in a stew).

I would probably avoid those deserts Lyn asked about just because I don’t want to mess with the beast in my brain..(my internal addict.. she’s still there and I don’t want to tempt her) but I have sober friends who are ok with it. If I did have to eat some to be polite I’d make it a very small amount and drink loads of water.

It’s a tricky one. What does everyone else think?

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