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20 reasons to love hangover free weekends

January 21st, 2021 Mrs D's Blog

cosy bed with morning sun

Oh how I love waking up on a Saturday or Sunday with no hangover. How much do I love it? Let me count the ways…

1) They start with a delicious, snuggly, leisurely wake up

2) I don’t have a sick tummy

3) I don’t have a pounding head

4) I don’t have a steady stream of angst-ridden thoughts

5) I don’t have crippling guilt and regret

6) After I get up all I do is boil the jug and feed the dog

7) I don’t need to sit on the loo for an extended period of time

8) I don’t need to neck a couple of pain killers

9) I don’t need to check the recycling bin to see what empties are in there

10) I don’t need to wash wine glasses feeling bad about myself

11) I’m not confused about my emotions

12) I’m not adding any layers of booze-induced angst on top of genuine feelings

13) Most of the time I feel very normal, calm and content

14) I look forward to my day knowing I don’t have to wait for my hangover to fade

15) I look forward to the day knowing I don’t have to wrestle with myself about whether to drink again that night

16) I look forward to the day knowing my family are going to get the best version of me I can naturally offer

17) I can vividly remember how miserable my hungover weekend mornings used to be and I am so grateful I don’t live that way any more

18) I can spend my weekend with the glorious knowledge that I have turned my life around and beaten my addiction to alcohol

19) I can spend my weekend knowing I’m in a really cool gang of brave and amazing sober people

20) Hangover free weekend mornings are the best because they just are. If you don’t believe me try one for yourself. Because no-one ever woke up regretting NOT drinking the night before!

Mrs D xxx

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