Apple Virgin Mojito

Proof that you can concoct a fancy drink of sorts wherever you are! There was no juicer or blender at the house we were at when I made this drink so I smooshed up the apple up with a stick blender inside a coffee plunger! It didn’t create much juice but gave a nice apple pulp that took the place of crushed ice (because there was also no ice in the house).

Juice of 2 lemons or limes
2 spoons of sugar or some honey
A handful of fresh mint leaves
1 green apple
Fizzy water

Mix the lime juice, sugar and mint in the bottom of a glass and stir to combine
Smoosh the apple to create some pulp/juice – add to the glass
Top with fizzy water



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  1. AnneC 7 years ago

    That sounds tasty (and you were wonderfully resourceful)!

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