Yoga To You (Guest Post)

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This guest post comes from sober hero and yoga teacher Sue (@suek). 


Everyone knows they should be doing some physical self care right? And many of us have found yoga is an amazing tool for recovery. But I know doing yoga can seem like a huge leap; getting to a class can be a massive challenge, and even if you do make it to a class, it can be intimidating or overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner but also even if you’ve been practicing for years.

I’ve made two 20-minute classes just for you Living Sober members. One for those times when you need to calm yourself down (like when you're having a raving craving), and one for when you need to amp up your energy (when the pink cloud goes dark and you need a perk up, or to get going first thing in the morning). They are both chair practices, and should be good for any level of experience, even complete beginners.

There's also a 50 minute practice for if you've got more time.

I purposely do the videos “raw” as in no make-up, no lights, no editing, no special effects. Just me and my laptop in the spare room. My yoga is for daily life.

Give them a try, and let me know if you find them helpful.

x @SueK

Ps. As I will not be in the room to watch over you while you practice, please take it easy and don’t over-strain yourself. These practices are very simple, and you will have the support of the chair, but you are responsible for looking after yourself and not overdoing it!

  1. George78 4 years ago

    Sue you are an absolute legend! Namaste Queen! x

  2. DennyD 4 years ago

    Thanks SueK I have just done the rev up session. Its just what I needed to start moving me out of my funk. THANK YOU SO MUCH xx

  3. onelove 4 years ago

    Awesome! Thank you =)

  4. soberlynn 4 years ago

    Ohhhh, thank you! Classes similar to yours are offered at my local gym where l walk track, but not at a convenient time. This is awesome!!

  5. Anonymous 4 years ago

    This is really helpful Sue…having something to bring my body back into focus, instead of engaged in fight or flight internal worries about recovery! Thank you

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