Troubled No More

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Have you ever thought about the fact that alcohol is the only drug that we get treated like a weirdo for not using? It's utter madness! We are considered odd or troubled, in this booze-soaked world of ours, if we choose not to drink.

You don't get that reaction if you choose not to try meth, or say, "no thanks" to cannabis. Yet make the decision not to imbibe booze, and the eyebrows get immediately raised.

At best you might just get a sideways look, at worst questions about why we're not drinking or pressure to have one or two. We're made to feel conspicuous, uncomfortable, flawed, problematic and troubled.

I was troubled when I drank for goodness sake!

I was troubled when I got drunk at home night after night after night.

I was troubled when I disconnected myself from everyone around me by pouring glass after glass of wine down my throat, turning off my listening ears and numbing my emotions.

I was troubled when I spent most of my days recovering from drinking.

I was troubled when I spent hours and hours debating internally with myself about my booze intake.

I was troubled when I vomited, stumbled, slurred.

I was extremely troubled when I drank.

Now that I'm sober I am far from troubled. I'm gloriously, ordinarily human. Smiling and laughing in the good times, crying and worrying when things get tough. Having a clear head to properly listen to people when they talk to me and process all that is happening around.

I go on holidays and hang out with friends and love my family and potter around my house and do my jobs and walk the dog and cry and laugh and worry and delight and anticipate and feel.

I'm experiencing my full range of emotions in all their uncomfortable, joyous, painful, exciting and revealing glory.  Feeling everything all the time, with no booze passing by my lips. None. Zip. Zilch. Nadda.

This is not being troubled. This is being alive.

What I do not do, is drink any alcohol, and bugger anyone who wants to judge me for that.

Bloody hell it's good. It is so good. For too long I was convinced that alcohol was a necessary ingredient for a full, fun life. How wrong I was. A full, fun life is a life lived authentically, with both feet planted firmly on the ground and a brain that is wide open and ready for all that comes my way.

It's fan-freaking-tastic. 

Mrs D xxx

  1. Caniwi 4 years ago

    So well written! I was troubled too…..only on day 22, but a long 12 year battle stopping, starting, swearing “never again”, yet right back at the starting line! Relapse for 9 years, FINALLY I’ve become free from the bottle. Staying stopped this time! Thank you Mrs, D. You are the best xo

  2. Lupita 4 years ago

    Beautifully written post! My mom recently in a very passive-aggressive way said to another person while I was within earshot, “I just don’t understand how Lupita doesn’t drink! I would NEVER deprive myself of life’s joy like that!!” My own MOM! Ugh, I was so angry. People, though, truly don’t understand how good it is on the other side. Thank you and everyone on this site for bringing awareness to a life without alcohol. <3

  3. Sean 4 years ago

    Other week at a friends party , told a slightly drunk guy that I don’t drink , same as I don’t do heroin, or eat quiche!!

  4. Gettingthere 4 years ago

    You really are inspirational, Mrs D! Thanks for all that you do xx

  5. Mari135 4 years ago

    Loved every word oxoxoxoox

  6. Memebird 4 years ago

    So true, I muddle over my responses to those pressures,questions, with out revealing to much personal info….so I’ll just say it doesn’t mix with my meds. ( I have afib, so booze is dangerous, but they don’t need to know that )…what are some of your simple responses

  7. Winner 4 years ago

    Love this ! So incredibly true. Deciding alcohol free forever is honestly one of the most liberating decisions I’ve ever made. I feel like a dove that was trapped in misery is now finally set free. Love it. Thank god for awesome people like you @mrs-d . Super legends like yourself are helping so many thousands of people to a much happier fulfilling life. ❤️❤️

  8. soberlynn 4 years ago

    Like everyone else some troubles pop up here and there, but I can deal with them because I’m not troubled by booze. ❤

  9. truthangel 4 years ago

    It’s a game changer. No longer part of the brainwashed masses. Able to see things as they really are. Freedom

  10. wiser4it 4 years ago

    So true, I love this. X

  11. AprilsFool 4 years ago

    Every. Single. Word. TRUE. Thank you.

  12. DavidFS 4 years ago

    It is fan-freaking-tastic every day. Thanks @mrs-d

  13. Buckeyeone 4 years ago

    It certainly does sound fan- freaking-tastic! Good for you for sharing and helping others along their path. I am ready to live that “full, fun-filled life with both feet planted firmly on the ground and a brain that is wide open and ready for all that comes my way.”

  14. JR 4 years ago

    I love this post Mrs-D! So spot on and it makes me crazy that people think it is ODD. That just tells me they do not understand how addictive it truly is…..I would love to challenge any of them to quit for 30 days and see how hard it is for them.

  15. Poppy88 4 years ago

    Agreed on all levels. We got invited to the neighbours for some drinks. I said I don’t drink, neighbour said ‘my father told me never trust a person who doesn’t drink’, I said I couldn’t trust myself when I did. End of story. Nice post Mrs D!

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