Tonight’s Witching Hour..

  1. EndofAct1 10 years ago

    I’m a newbie at this, only 6 days ‘old’. My first week went well. What I’m really worrried about though is that the novelty is going to wear off this next week. I survived my first week just fine (this also worries me) and fear that the white knuckle ride is hiding around the next corner with a nasty grin on its face knowing that I’m fast approaching IT but I don’t know it. Yes I’ve loved going to bed each night sober and reading a book (and remembering the next day what I read the night before) and I survived my first Friday night okay – but what about next week and next Friday??? Or should I just take a breath and enjoy feeling okay right now and not worry about next week? I don’t want to get too ‘up myself’ and think this is going to be smooth sailing and then be wolloped by awfulness and not be able to cope.

    • Leonie 10 years ago

      Hi there EndofAct1 – I had exactly the same worry – worry might be too strong a word – certainly every now and then I would think “why is this so easy – is something going to suddenly kick in and give me hell?” – day 39 for me, and I’m still finding not boozing a breeze… and I’m constantly finding more reasons why I am so glad I’ve left behind my bottle a night, every night habit.

  2. Paulita 10 years ago

    I’m so happy to be wobble free on a Friday night. Sober is becoming my new normal – who would have thought it. And I’ve had a row with my boyfriend and I feeling very tired but no desire to drink. Wow! I have eaten lots of chocolate ice-cream ‘though but that’s OK.

    • Paulita 10 years ago

      Thanks Mrs D. It was my first big emotional challenge after about 36 days sober, I’m trying to avoid major ‘dramas’ in early sobriety. So delighted to have made it through a mini crisis – I’m building sober muscle.

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Jeepers, a row and staying sober – AWESOME! Well done Paulita xxx

  3. Alongtimeoverdue 10 years ago

    Truthfully Mrs D, Friday no alcohol sucks. Cleaning the toilet floor and bowl at 10pm sucks at the best of times, let alone sober on a Friday night. Would have been far more bearable after a bottle or so. I did not want to stop drinking, I wanted to stop the after effects, I was a harmless, happy boozer but got sick of the puking, broken sleep and fuzzy head. If wine existed that had a limited buzz, no calories or horrific health affects, I would keep drinking, lots. Focusing on the benefits of a sober Saturday, much to achieve and with a clear head will be a load better. Just don’t want to sugercoat this experience for any lurkers out there. It is bloody hard and I am hoping bloody worth it. Nigel Latta’s expose next week might just be the medicine to seal the deal.

    • Leonie 10 years ago

      think I’d be driven to drink, rather than away from it, cleaning the toilet at 10pm!

    • Catherine 10 years ago

      I’m the same, no alcohol does suck! But I must say Day 42 (today) has been the best so far. Although I’m sure later on this arvo I will get twitchy and grumpy. Lucky my sister who hardly ever drinks is coming to visit. Do you know when the Nigel Latta doco is on? He’s great, simple and great.

    • MrsH 10 years ago

      ’tis a tough ride that’s for sure. But consider the options, as far as toilets go….
      1) Clean it at 10pm. It takes you 30 minutes at the most and you go to bed grumpy but sober and wake up without a hangover.
      2) Kneel in front of it at 1130pm and spend the best part of two hours in there throwing up what little you ate and what lot you drank. You go to bed spinning a few hours later, freezing because the toilet floor was cold, bruises on your wrists and forearms from leaning on the bowl and wake up hungover and feeling like crap….. and your hair smells like vom.

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Fair enough to not sugarcoat. It is hard work and the buzz has it’s appeal for sure.. for me the initial buzz never was enough, I’d always chase chase chase more more more until I was heavy and numb and diminished.. that Nigel Latta programme is very very powerful (they sent me a preview copy) and I’m telling you .. watching it will make you very happy to be sober. Stay strong Alongtimeoverdue… xxxx

    • Rowena 10 years ago

      It is hard. But so worth it. I’m sure you feel good this morning though right? How nice to wake up sober and to a clean house on saturday morning with the whole weekend stretching before you. Have a good one!

  4. MrsH 10 years ago

    I sat down to 4pm work drinks with a green tea. One of (newer) colleagues looked at my cup and then at me and exasperatedly said “No…. come on!!”. None of my other (older) colleagues mentioned anything because they know…. oh, they know. Anyway, I feel good today. Felt flat yesterday but today was great.

    And better still, I’m not disappointed at getting home to an empty (of alcohol) fridge like I used to.

    And even better still, notwithstanding right now while I’m here, I’m able to concentrate on my family instead of pushing them aside for my beer.

    • MaryLA 10 years ago

      For a long while I battled with a low dip in energies in the mid- to late afternoons, and then found that if I had fruit (an apple or banana) with tea at about 4pm, my energies would come back and by 6pm I’d be ready to go for walks or do t’ai chi or swim. Exercise in the early evening has always worked for me (I don’t have children) and after that I can start supper and meet friends or just sit down and relax.

    • Nugget 10 years ago

      Well done you. It’s not easy at times, but definitely worth the effort. Great stuff.

  5. Kassie 10 years ago

    Just came home from Friday work drinks…mine was ‘Just Juice’…I was the only non drinker. But, it was all good. I thought about getting a bottle of wine on the way home, but then thought over some comments I had read here on this blog last night, and that kept me focussed. So grateful for this online support from people who really know and get it 🙂 Thank you.

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Hey wow that was a big urge to push past.. the whole ‘internal conversation while driving’ urge.. great you resisted! xxx

  6. Rowena 10 years ago

    10pm Thursday night. Took the kids swimming and stayed at the pool LATE and then went running. Made it past the magic 6pm. Sober to bed tonight. Day 4 down. Yipee!

    • Rowena 10 years ago

      thanks Lucy! Friday night is usually tough, but tonight the kids have a pool party until 8pm and I have to drive so can’t drink…I’m hoping that might help! Have a lovely, sober weekend.

    • Lucy 10 years ago

      Hi Rowena, well done you. x it,s 17.40pm here so time for a tonic water with lime juice and ice.. the thing I love about being sober is sober sleep it’s amazing.. had crap, drunk sleep for years so I love getting into bed now .. thinking of you.. stay strong. x

    • Rowena 10 years ago

      California. I think I’m almost a day behind you guys! Oh man, it’s so nice waking up sober with no hang over. I’m not sure that will get old soon.
      Have a good weekend Mrs D! Hope the party goes well!

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Yippee indeed! Where in the world are you?

  7. inthegarage66 10 years ago

    5.05. I’m drinking…………….. Indian Tonic Water. Oh, I am sooo funny. 🙂

    • MrsH 10 years ago

      You actually are. 🙂

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      I’m going to have soda water with a slice of ‘pink lemon’ in it – yes there was such a thing at the supermarket today. Looks ordinary on the outside, but maybe when I slice into it it’ll be all girly and pink! Love the new avatar 🙂

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