Tonight’s Witching Hour..

Brilliantly named ‘Arsenic Hour’ by member ‘mrsmorrison’ yesterday.

How’s everyone  going with it today?

Remember to push your thinking through to bedtime.. imagine yourself climbing into bed nice and sober.. and waking up in the morning hangover free…..

  1. Colourful1 10 years ago

    After a couple of pink cloud days the witching hour hit me hard today. Couldn’t fit a run in, and am itching to drink. I’m gonna blog – that works for me.

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Sometimes there’s nothing else to do but go to bed. Go to bed. Put today to bed. You will wake up feeling calmer I’m sure. xxxx

    • Nugget 10 years ago

      Hang in there colourful1 that is exactly the space I was in yesterday….. and 24 little hours later I am feeling good. It does pass that feeling of needing a drink if we let it…. its just some days are harder than others and you need to put more effort in to stay in control.

  2. MrsH 10 years ago

    I had a revelation today that it’s actually a lot harder than I’ve led myself to believe. I’ve been thinking “Yeah, it’s a piece of cake….” but I realised today that I’m constantly thinking about it (being sober, if or when I’ll ever drink again, being scared to ever drink again) so I must find it hard on some level. I want to get to that point where I’m never thinking about it.

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      You will!! Honestly.. even though I blog and write and communicate about recovery all the time I don’t have that same obsession about my own addiction.. it has faded to near oblivion (not altogether because it never will and if I think it has I might try moderating again and if I ever sound like I’m about do do that get a big dead fish and slap me with it).. just remember.. you’re in the thick sludgy mud.. keep moving ahead slowly.. it will smooth out eventually xxxx

    • Nugget 10 years ago

      We are in the same boat MrsH…. it is very hard at times, and then you have days where you cruise through them. I suppose as we get more days under our belts the more cruise days we have??????

    • MrsH 10 years ago

      Oh dear, I don’t think that’s Arsenic Hour talk…. sorry guys.

  3. CrossFitterMum 10 years ago

    Have also made it past the 6pm hurdle and helped with homework so feeling good 🙂

  4. Freshstart 10 years ago

    Grit teeth. Focus on positives. Funny how thinking “not wine” so easily turns into thinking “wine”. I find it easier to cope when I admit there’s a bit of a pull – or a lot of a pull – and then reaffirm that I have put that all behind me and no matter how hard, I an NOT TOUCHING IT AGAIN! I have managed to stay off the booze for three whole weeks (who would have thought!?) so I can do it one more night, then another, etc. And it is getting easier. Must admit I don’t feel safe till I have a big sparkling soda and lime in a wineglass in my hand. Then, after about five minutes, I know tonight will be another night I can make it through 🙂

    • Milly 10 years ago

      P.s. I will also have a nonalcoholic beer (there is some really nice german ones on the market) on a hot summers day when it seems that nothing but a beer will do! X

    • Milly 10 years ago

      Hi freshstart & gabby – I have been sober for 7yrs 6mths ( today in fact – just figured that out) I too gave up the wine but not the wine glass! Until I started reading Mrs D I thought I was the only recovering alcoholic that still used a wineglass. You’re still having a nice drink at the end of the day just alcohol free! These little rituals really help. You guys are doing great – it does get easier I promise x

    • gabbygirl14 10 years ago

      Freshstart – I LOVE your username and CONGRAT’s on not having a drink in 3 weeks!!!!!! So PROUD of you!!!!! I have not had a drink since Sunday Aug 3rd. I did stop drinking during the week starting July 22. I am torturing myself with the decision of stopping for “good.” I was drinking 8+ beers a night 7 days a week. I just decided I was tired of feeling like total “CRUD!” Anyway enought about me… I am the same way… the more I think about “not” drinking a beer the more I think about drinking one. I do the same as you do and it helps… I get a wine glass with lots of ice and pour a Fresca when I get home from work. Once I do that I know I am not in danger of going out to buy beer. Sending you LOADS of positive thoughts!!! LOVE THIS SITE! I just found it last week… Mrs. D is a GODSEND!!!!!!!!

  5. Rowena 10 years ago

    made it through. Took all three kiddos out to the park and stayed LATE. If I make it past 6pm without a drink, I’m generally fine. Isn’t that sad!!!
    Also funny that with the time difference, I’m just making it through “witching hour” the day before you guys..

    • gabbygirl14 10 years ago

      GREAT JOB!!! I have been staying late at work. My kids are older so I can do that now. I also know I am “safe” if I make it past 6pm. It is not sad… it is just the truth. I moved my furniture around in my bedroom last night that was a wonderful diversion and now my bedroom so clean! The time difference is funny. It is 11:40am here in the United States. I am in VA.

    • Rowena 10 years ago

      Nancy – I love it that on here people understand! Hope the wallpaper went well.

    • Nancy 10 years ago

      Same for me Rowena – 6pm or thereabouts and I know I am ‘safe’ for another day – off to hang some wallpaper now – the things we do… 🙂 anything but drink!!

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