Sobriety Chat: Noelle

Noelle and Lotta smiling on a video call

Noelle McCarthy is a broadcaster, award winning author and podcaster, mother, wife, sister, baker.. and she is sober. In this chat Noelle talks about her early drinking years in her homeland of Ireland, the internal struggle she had accepting the reality of her relationship with alcohol, what it took for her to change, and the shifting relationship she’s had with herself in recovery. Read more about Noelle’s work here and here.

Audio recording below

  1. reenaa 1 week ago

    Just loved this interview and ordered her book, can’t wait to listen or read it. Thanks so much Lotta and Noelle.

  2. Margaret 1 week ago

    What touched me the most, of the many, many things that moved me in this interview, was when Mrs D said, “I’m so happy that you got sober.” I want to have someone say that to me. I want to be of value. I suppose I need to show I value myself first.

  3. Nina 2 weeks ago

    Fabulous, what a great interview. Thank you Lotta and Noelle.

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