Sobriety Chat: Veronica

Veronica preview

Veronica Valli is an author, podcaster, recovery advocate and coach, clinical psychotherapist, wife, mother .. and she is sober. Click on the video or audio below to hear my Sobriety Chat with Veronica. She talks about her younger drinking self, the work it takes to uncover what lies under alcohol abuse, the co-opting of feminism to sell acohol to women, and how sobriety is becoming more normalised on social media.

Audio Recording Below

  1. Pollyonthewagon 1 year ago

    Just finished Veronica’s audiobook So timely 90 days down the track learning about the pillars of sobriety Thank you

  2. Travelbug78 1 year ago

    Thank you, I took notes. The costs do outweigh the benefits. Great perspective.

  3. Liberty 1 year ago

    I really enjoyed this, thanks Mrs D and Veronica. Love the perspective on anaesthetising women and on weighing the cost of drinking.

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