Sobriety Chat: Richie

Preview of Lotta & Richie chatting

Richie Hardcore is a educator, speaker and activist, working in family and sexual violence prevention and men’s mental health. He’s also a former Muay Thai champion, coach and personal trainer.. and he’s sober! Click on the video or audio below to hear my Sobriety Chat with Richie. He talks about the dangers our drinking culture poses for men and the work he’s done on healing himself after growing up surrounded by problematic alcohol use. Link here to the article he wrote about #cancelbigalcohol.

Audio Recording Below

  1. Hammer123 5 months ago

    Really loved this chat, Richie is a very cool guy and put things in a perspective that I could really understand.
    This chat really allowed me to look at my life in a different way and see that I am transferring my addictive behaviour away from alcohol to other things. What I am realizing is that the feeling and craving is the same and for some reason on some level it is filling some void. That is definitely something to explore and figure out.
    Thanks Lotta!

  2. 20thisisme20 2 years ago

    Great story Richie, thank you. Inspirational.

  3. Starlight 2 years ago

    Great chat here, thank you! It’s refreshing to hear a man’s perspective on AF life.

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