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Kath Elliott is a wife, mother, sister, alcohol coach, entrepreneur, cancer thriver ... and she is sober. Click on the links below to watch or listen to Kath's Sobriety Chat. She talks about her drinking story, her cancer journey and the work she now does raising awareness of the links between alcohol and cancer. You can find Kath on her Instagram account @thealcoholmindsetcoach, or her website.

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  1. Rebeccahollyjessie22456 8 months ago

    Thank you so much for this! I really relate to you both. I think the more we normalise being AF, the more we can ignore the constant bombardment of alcohol messaging. I also have a teenager and am trying to educate and support her to go against the grain, while keeping the door open if she does make a choice to drink. I honestly wish I had never touched alcohol and am learning to be kinder to myself in hindsight. Thanks for all that you do 🙂

  2. Francesca Chaves 1 year ago

    I just wanted to say, that it’s been probably 3yrs now since I connected to Living Sober, and via this video today.
    I related immediately with Kathryn’s sharing about ‘tackling everything on my own terms’…it’s a strange mix – being fiercely independent while at the same time, feeling completely powerless – especially with my relationship to alcohol.
    The only time I ever managed to go 29 days without alcohol was, in fact through connecting with Living Sober, all those years ago.
    Attempting to live alongside alcohol, since then…well, it hasn’t really worked out.
    I keep learning so much about alcohol, as well about the maddening toll it takes, not just bodily but mentally, and emotionally. I often give my self a break for 3 days…but really, I know I’m just running on the fumes. If I haven’t returned to it by the end of Day 3, by Day 4 I’m in limbo (no longer wanting a drink) but an emotional wreck – and reaching for that ‘STOP at the end of a bottle’ (more like 2x)!
    Anyway, thank you to you all x it’s easy to reconnect and feel the tangible hope of, getting to live as me one day X
    It might not feel like enough right now…but that is my greatest hope – to be myself and live presently with and as a member of Life.

  3. Hammer123 1 year ago

    Great chat, congratulations on your sobriety and your cancer recovery!

  4. Raybelinda 1 year ago

    So good!!

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