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Matt Calman is a writer, journalist and author, an artist and photographer, dad and husband and ... sober. Click on the video or audio below to hear my Sobriety Chat with Matt Calman. We had a great talk about many things, including the fear when you first quit drinking, learning how to socialise, dealing with underlying issues, changes in self-knowledge and perception, and what helps us stay sober over time. For more on Matt visit his website here, and for more on the Te Whare Tapa Whā model of wellness we discuss, go here.

Audio recording below

  1. Prudence 2 years ago

    I just listened to this again a few months later. I’m nursing a broken heart 💔 at the moment, very new and raw. You guys are like a tonic to my soul, and I don’t think I would have succumbed to drinking, not after being off the ugly shit for nearly eight years…..but to see your treasured faces and hear your wise and honest words, it’s given me a different kind of tears, those of gratefulness, and also solidarity.
    Thank you Matt and Lotta.
    Booze sucks xx

  2. Lucy6 2 years ago

    Awesome video, so much good advice!

  3. Mummyof4 2 years ago

    What an awesome conversation. Related to so much of that. Thank you so much

  4. Sarah 2 years ago

    Wow!! Such a real conversation. I can sooo relate. Thanks so much

  5. Jill 2 years ago

    Really enjoyed this chat…. I’m just over 2 years sober & great to be reminded I don’t have that shame in the mornings & how good it is not to loose days of my life to hangovers… really gr8 to listen. THANK YOU both

  6. Patti 2 years ago

    Wow So Cool Lotta! Great to see and hear. Will share this for sure.

  7. Prudence 2 years ago

    Wow! How cool! So pleased I happened upon this little treasure of an interview this morning. Thanks Lotta and Matt, that was beautiful and bought up so many memories of the struggle it was at first. Now 5 months away from 8 years, yee haa!! And loving it. Especially being back here at Taka. Thanks so much for the powerful work you continue to do in helping giving others their power back xx

  8. Slick 2 years ago

    Lovely chat with some real gems. Thanks to you both.

  9. boomersandie 2 years ago

    I’ve just listened to this, while on my walk in between rain showers.:) You both spoke so well and naturally and in fact I went back and listened again. Brilliant.

    I just finished Matts book a few weeks ago & felt inspired by his determination of not just on being AF, but achieving goals with fitness and the Coast to Coast. Its made me feel not quite so pissed off at myself for having/trying another glass of wine a few weeks ago (just one) and then last night 2 small aperitif glasses of Limoncello, just because I could. But I’m not going back to day one, I will soldier on at day 161, because as Matt said it’s a process, it’s not about keeping score but learning from it so I will keep going & keep trying. Look forward to more of these podcasts @mrs-d thank you so much for all you do.

  10. hummingbird 2 years ago

    love this chat, so many gems, thanks guys x

  11. Maggie73 2 years ago

    That was so good to listen to. All of it. Thank you.

  12. Hammer123 2 years ago

    Thank you both for a beautiful conversation. It hadn’t dawned on me until just now that I maybe an introvert and that is why my first reaction to invitations is a quick no. It’s a good thing my wife is such an extrovert and pushes me to attend things that I end up enjoying. I look forward to more of these conversations.

  13. Mari135 2 years ago

    Oh goodness…the thoughts around ‘I’d be better off drinking’ regarding depression is EXACTLY how I felt in the first few months and every now and then still. This is really healing to hear.

  14. Mari135 2 years ago

    I love this so very much!!!! Both of you are amazing. Thanks heaps for doing this interview. Made my Friday evening. xoxo

  15. suzeq 2 years ago

    I liked this interview, the format works well… a newbie I’m glad to have resources to learn to live with the reality of not being able to drink . And I have lots of time to “study. LS is my safe place. After a short relapse I’m better understanding the “support “ that is here for me, even though no one knows me😊

  16. DaveH 2 years ago

    Thank you Lotta and Matt. I really loved Matt’s story about being on the verge of starting drinking again after 5 years. He had essentially talked himself into it but it was talking to another recovering alcoholic that flipped the switch back in favour of being AF. My experience is that the one thing that will always fix me up when I can sense that they’re drifting off is talking to another alcoholic, and LS has exactly this effect on me too. Living Sober is unique among all the online recovery groups that I’ve encountered in that it works as a therapeutic community. On LS I am among people I know, and I care about those people. I hurt when they hurt and this happens even with someone new. There is empathy here that I don’t find elsewhere and I believe it is that empathy that gives us courage, strength and direction when our own is failing. Thanks for a wonderful interview, one that so often sounded so familiar, but ultimately underscored something that I couldn’t believe when I started out: that stopping drinking wasn’t just necessary, it was worthwhile.

    • boomersandie 2 years ago

      Great affirmation and I agree with you on. LS and the empathy, it is amazing and so helpful.

  17. Juliana 2 years ago

    I loved listening to your conversation! I almost felt like I was sitting there with you . Living Sober helped me get sober about 4 1/2 years ago and I will never forget the support the community here gave me. It made all the difference after many years of struggle. Thank you both for the chance to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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