Poem for Jimmy (guest post)

One of our wonderful members @hilux is a dab hand with poetry – he often writes his updates and replies to other members in rhyme! He’s been such a joyful addition to the site since he joined a few weeks back – very kind and giving to other members, plus gritty and honest about his own mission to get sober (he’s working hard to retrain his brain, break unhealthy habits and get that shit booze out of his life).

Today in the Members Feed he wrote his most heartfelt and compelling poetry update yet… so good I had to feature it here (with his permission). I have cut and pasted it ‘as is’ – his spelling and punctuation all adds to his poetry’s power and charm.

Cheers matey xxxx



well my mate just txt me telling me all about his girl
she had a few drinks and took the car for a whirl
round the corner and straight to a cop
light came on and she had to stop
breathaliser failed and licence is now gone
she argued with the police saying she done no wrong
car is impounded now mate got no ride
and his mrs at home with absolutely no pride

so why did we do this, get drunk and act merry
when we know the next day our heads will be blurry
fights, arguments, arrests and regrets
is what we have all done and felt at times i’ll bet
don’t pay the bills with fear of no drink
pretty frikken stupid alcohol is i think

i used to go out and have fun drinking water
then my sister gave me a bourbon and sed “try it..you oughtta”
i had one sip and fell in love with the taste
little did i know that it would become a waste
so many things i shouldve been doing
instead, alcohol inside me was really brewing
“have some more” it tell me, ”it will be fun”
the next day i am feeling bloody dumb
fell into the trap, like a fly to a venus plant
i don’t want to drink, I WONT!! I CAN’T

the kids get affected when alcohol in this house
it no longer becomes quiet as a mouse
all the faults of the week come up with a scream
me and the missus no longer a team
“its ur fault this happened” is what i am told
“you dont love me anymore because i am old”
“i do love you hun,you know that i do”
“but you know i hate the alcohol in you”
so off we go to a seperate bed
there goes my chances of getting some head

no more alcohol because i want to be the best i can be
and make my daughter be proud of me
no more weakness of being controlled
i wana be healthy when i am old
live by the beach or in the alaskan bush
and never fight again so i can touch the mrs tush
so when it gets hard and i want to cave
i’ll read this poem again and see how we behave

i lost my best cousin to the farking drink
he crashed his motorbike and damn it was stink
had everything going for him,athletic and smart
but he succumbed to alcohol cos he and his mrs were apart
so he is my lesson as i saw all the hurt
that he left behind when he went beneath the dirt
farewell Jimmy, love you my mate
i know he is sorry, but it is too late 🙁

  1. Feisty52 5 months ago

    Hilux – you poet! This is gold. Laughed, snorted, and could see it all. Keep writing, mate.

  2. hilux 3 years ago

    I cant believe this is still here.
    I must write it out and put in a scrapbook

  3. Prudence 8 years ago

    So fabulous to read this again today in November @Hilux it is just beautiful and so heartfelt. That is the part of yourself you need to be in touch with now. Have a wonderful day and best luck on your new quest xo

  4. Anonymous 9 years ago

    best work

  5. DaisyH 9 years ago

    @hilux you’re a star you know. A bright shiny rhymy one. 🙂

    • hilux 9 years ago

      thanks daisy

  6. Ducky 9 years ago

    Oh! How did I miss this?. Pure gold @hilux

  7. jo14 9 years ago

    Wow…just wow!

  8. poppy 9 years ago

    @hilux brilliant..thanks for sharing. @wobblybird is right – it’s great having a kiwi bloke on here. If anything there’s even more pressure from our culture for men to drink, to deal with things that way rather than actually dealing with them and resolving them. Big pat on the back to you for taking the steps to fix some things in your life. Keep at it!

  9. gabbygirl14 9 years ago

    @Hilux I commend you on not only staying sober (which is hard enough) but rhyming about it also. OUTSTANDING!!!!!

  10. elliott 9 years ago

    Hi hilux! I hope you keep writing this Brilliant poetry! It would make a Great book someday! Keep sober and writing! You are an inspiration to us all!

  11. Spinnerz 9 years ago

    Brilliant @hilux

  12. WobblyBird 9 years ago

    @hilux that’s so damn good – made me cry. And so damn good to have a real hunting, shooting man being a real man on here. All we girlies moan (and with reason) about how hard this is. Reckon in general the guys have an even harder time. Thanks and thanks to @Mrs-D for spotting the talent and sharing it.

  13. LoriK 9 years ago

    @hilux you are an artist! xx

  14. hilux 9 years ago

    man that hilux fulla is good aye hehe

    • Barb 9 years ago

      So we say!

    • Anonymous 9 years ago

      he sure is he is amazing

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