Our Sober Secret Weapons

For the past three days I’ve been asking members of the Living Sober community to email me photos of their ‘Sober Secret Weapons’. These are things from our own environments that make us feel good, fuel our souls and help keep us sober. It’s been amazing watching the photos trickle in and I’m so happy to be sharing them with you all now. Enjoy! Mrs D xxx


@gilbert: “This is the view from my lounge in my new house in my new sober life.I wouldn’t be here if I was still drinking and this view is all mine and a reminder every day.”


@missmeg:This is a photo  that sums up where my inspiration comes from (my son sitting in a special place).”


@janus2: “No more stumbling with Fatbum. Keeps me sober.”


@mouser123:I always wanted a caravan, a space of my own I could take anywhere. When my friends decided to sell this one, I took the plunge. So far, the children and I just sit in it on the drive, but once I get a towbar fitted we will be away! Xx”


@pennylane24: “These 2 and moments like these. That’s what keeps me sober.”


@behind-the-sofa: “Used to be a piss-artist, now just trying to be an artist.”


@oceania: “Training and finding a new passion for hiking mountains has kept me focused on sobriety”


@april: “My family… as drawn by my daughter.”


@emjaycee: “Playing my guitar is something I like to do in the afternoon and morning (sorry neighbours). It’s creative, feeds my soul and, while not impossible, it’s hard to hold a drink while playing guitar, is it not?”


@janabel: “My lovely kitten Leo, who I adopted when i was just a few weeks sober and who has been a huge comfort and distraction for me.


@kerris: “Being fully present and in the moment with my grandchildren.  That’s what I love.”


@paintthemoon74: “Finding the humour in the everyday.”


@prudence: “This is our wee family. It is for my children Rory & Georgia that I like to stay on top of my game. I am looking forward to being a Granny one day. I will be trusted. I will be fun and energetic. I will have wisdom. I will smell like lemons, not booze and smokes.”


@everydayisanewday: “Here is my wonderful supportive husband and our ‘son’ Wyatt.  I want to stay sober so I can remember all of our experiences together to the fullest.  They deserve the best version of myself and so do I!”


@sophia2: “I am not a grandmother but hope to be one day. I don’t want to be the pissed grandmother that my daughters don’t trust to leave their children with me for a sleepover. That motivates me.”


@mrs-d: “My 5pm relaxation trigger – my comfy pants. Super comfy, like wearing air…” 


@salvia: “My drinks station which is where all my yummy AF drinks start. There’s my soda stream of course and you can see I have re-purposed all the silly old decanters littering the house to hold cordials and there’s grenadine too.”


@seedynomore: “When I start questioning my reasons for remaining sober I only have to look at this photo of my two younger children and I am totally committed. Pic is 3 years old now but Its one of my favourites.”




@mrswooly:I got this designed and hand made by a lovely jeweller. Have got my sobriety date engraved on the back (yes it’s only 4 days this time). This time is for keeps.




@madandsad: “This is Floyd resting with me after my knee replacement operation – September 2014. The same year I heard you on the radio, I stopped drinking, Floyd got cat flu and recovered, then he went missing for three whole weeks and returned to us. It was quite a year and every time I look at this photo I think about all these things. P.S. I’m in my PJ’s , of course.”


@ajl19: “I love reading inspirational quotes and books! They have inspired and empowered me in my journey.”


@davenajean:This view helps me to stay sober.”




@wvlheel:Ginger beer and vanilla seltzer keeps me happy, sober and hydrated.”


@elhall:Greeting the morning with a sober clear head keeps me going.”


@reena:This is my gardening shed, attached to the side of my house, I had a lot of time on my hands since I quit the wine, I thrift shopped most of the stuff except for the rugs. I meditate there, take my gardening projects there and generally enjoy the outdoors and sunshine. My grandson loves to hang out in there with me too. No booze in the gardening room too much to do and feel.”


@jessi:Running with sunny blue skies and fluffy white clouds do it for me :-)”


  1. Chloe 8 years ago


    I love the caravan with the beautiful cushions also. That is a current dream of mine right now also… to just be able to take off on adventures at a moment’s notice.

    • mouser123 8 years ago

      Come and stay for a sober holiday anytime, Chloe! Just wish I’d moved my recycling boxes!

  2. Anonymous 8 years ago

    I was sober for two years but felt I was spending as much energy being sober as I was on constantly drinking. I also felt that I was constantly alienated at social occasions and at 38 the thought of never ever drinking again seemed very daunting. I now have successfully used the Sinclair Method/Naltrexone to learn to drink without addiction by pharmacological extinction and feel that I have now found the perfect solution for me. I now, by choice, only drink 3-4 times a year but I am in full control as my brain is now repaired to its prior addiction state. To be sober is a great thing and is the perfect solution for many but I realised that addiction is a disease that can be cured with a pill just like any other disease and therefore you can be cured without the cravings or white knuckling by simply throwing some science at it. PS: I am in no way saying this is or should be the preferred way as I’m all for whatever works but I am all for people knowing all their options before choosing whatever path works for them. Harm reduction is the key here.

  3. reena 8 years ago

    Crying here. So beautiful and each one touched me so much. Thanks friends for being here.

  4. Hazel 8 years ago

    So wonderful!

  5. Flourishing 8 years ago

    Love all of these!!

    Learnt some stuff: Fatbum doesn’t have a fat bum, Prudence looks young enough to be her daughter’s sister, that caravan is amazing, hope it gets out of the driveway one day. You are all rockstars! xx

    • mouser123 8 years ago

      Thanks, you’re welcome to visit my caravan anytime x

  6. Ange 8 years ago

    Oh, these are sensational. Such a good idea, Mrs D! Will definitely contribute if you do this again.

  7. Kerris 8 years ago

    Omg that made me cry how wonderful. I feel like I l got to know you all just that little bit more. 🙂

  8. morgan 8 years ago

    Beautiful. Who would have thought this would be so moving. Thanks Lotta! Next time I will get into gear 🙂

  9. English 8 years ago

    Awesome! I love them. That gardening shed is lush! Thank u all who shared, inspirational xx

    • reena 8 years ago

      Thanks English!

      • seedynomore 8 years ago

        Beautiful @reena Your garden shed is a wee paradise xx

  10. paintthemoon74 8 years ago

    Love these so much inspiring x what lovely snapshots especially loved the cushions and the OPEN and the comfy sweatpants and family pictures in short loved all of them x

  11. Deede 8 years ago

    Very inspirational…just what I needed for sure Thank you

  12. Ajl19 8 years ago

    How wonderful!!! It was like getting to know each other a little better!

    The pics are inspiring…looking at all of the smiling faces, beautiful places and little corners of our sober worlds help us to see the big, beautiful world that we all now see with clear eyes. Just lovely.

  13. Jessi 8 years ago

    So so fun to see these! Expected kitties from @elhall but of course love that pic because those skies are so gorgeous! And fatbum is so photogenic – what an absolute sweety!!! It is so cool that this little family continues to inch further and further to true closeness. It’s scary to expose personal stuff and it brings everyone closer when we do. Well done @Mrs-D on a fabulous idea!!!

  14. Mac007 8 years ago

    Just awesome everyone, what a lovely idea.
    Sorry, I have only caught up with all of this tonight.
    It is so great to see the happiness within these posts. xox

  15. Isthisit 8 years ago


  16. Liberty 8 years ago

    Aren’t they all wonderful? Moving. Thanks to all who contributed. xx

  17. janus2 8 years ago

    Loved everyones as well- and had a chuckle to. So fatbum is now out there. Xo

    • Deede 8 years ago

      Loved the Fatbum

  18. Anonymous 8 years ago

    I connected with so many of these photos as reminders of why this AF life is the best I have ever lived. The photo of the ultrasound of the baby could be mine because when I knew they were expecting I knew I wanted to be that trusted nana and now I am. Grateful.

  19. janabel 8 years ago

    I loved looking at these photos, they are all very special and personal. Now i know what Fatbum looks like, absolutely adorable!

    • Liberty 8 years ago

      Your little Leo janabel: ♡

    • janus2 8 years ago

      Thank-you difficult to pick the true photo of the little tart.

      • Gilbert 8 years ago

        So cool to see a pic of FB @Janus2 xx

      • seedynomore 8 years ago

        Fatbum is the cutest wee dog ever xx

      • sophia2 8 years ago

        Fat bum is gorgeous @janus2 xx

  20. Nicky Flood 8 years ago

    Six months sober and loving every minute of it my world is so amazing without wine

  21. Ducky 8 years ago

    I found this very touching. Than you to everyone who shared a little bit of their life with us all!

  22. Awip 8 years ago

    Great idea lovely photos made me smile. I too will have to post one next time xxx

  23. Prudence 8 years ago

    Wow! Just Wow! I’ve gone all goosebumpy!

  24. madandsad 8 years ago

    Oh I just love every photo! Thank you Mrs D for doing this, a picture really can speak a thousand words. Wish there were more… next time, right every one else? 😉

    • butterflybecky 8 years ago

      Loved all of these. Will have to post one next time. Just loved them xx

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