Mandarin-lime Squeeze

orange drink with lemon slices

This drink recipe comes from Leah who works at the NZ Drug Foundation. She says: "Our mandarin and lime tree both have a bumper crop this year and this weekend I found myself wanting a light and refreshing drink without much effort. The mandarin isn’t overpowering, and the lime offers a nice twist."


30ml freshly squeezed mandarin juice (approx. 3 mandarins)
10ml freshly squeezed lime juice
¼ tsp honey dissolved in 10ml of hot water (optional)
250ml soda water
Slice or two of lime


Dissolve honey in a small amount of hot water (wait for it to cool before adding other ingredients),
Add mandarin and lime juice into the glass and stir Top up with soda water
Garnish with a slice or two of lime


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  1. Starlight 3 years ago

    This sounds lovely and can be done with any citrus. Definitely will try! Thanks.

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