Cucumber Rose Water Mocktail

Mr D and I really enjoyed this drink! It feels like a healthy green juice but much lighter and more festive with the fizzy water element. It would definitely work as a special occasion drink especially if you were on a health-kick at the time. You can leave the rose water out if you don’t have any but it does add a lovely subtle floral aroma.

Ingredients (for 2-3 drinks):
1/2 a long telegraph cucumber
10 mint leaves
2cm piece of fresh ginger, peeled
2 cups water
Honey or agave (to taste)
1/2 tsp rose water

Place the cucumber, mint, ginger, water and honey or agave (if using) into a blender or Nutra Bullet and blitz until smooth.
Filter this mixture through a fine sieve into a jug.
Add the rose water.
Half fill your drinking glass with the cucumber/rose water mixture.
Top up with fizzy water.





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