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Sober Freak

May 16th, 2015 Mrs D's Blog

Ok I am officially a sober freak! It’s Saturday morning and I woke today at 6.20am, picked up my iPad and spent half an hour checking on on the Members Feed and my other online sites. Then I jumped out of bed at 7am to have a nice long hot shower. Got dressed, then popped down to the living room to say good morning to the boys who were watching TV.

Then I made the guest bed, vacuumed the living room, dining room & kitchen, changed the rubbish bag, put out the recycling, put on a load of washing, filled the sink with hot soapy water and washed last nights dishes plus everybody’s lunch boxes, went downstairs and changed the sheets on the boys beds and added extra blankets, came back upstairs and started fixing breakfast, boiled the jug, made myself a mug of tea, fed the boys breakfast, broke up their fights, put the washing in the dryer and now I’m writing this post.

It’s 8.30am.

Ok – this isn’t a normal Saturday morning for me and I’m sorry if I sound like a domestic show-off. Normally I’d still be schlepping around in my nightgown at this time. But today I needed to get organised early because we’re off out at 9.30am and my Mum is coming to stay the night later … but the point is I was capable of doing all this early activity without too much pain because I’m sober.

And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t aware of this fact the entire time I was bustling around. I am always aware and grateful of my clear early-morning hangover-free head. And I never want to stop being aware and grateful of my sobriety. I want to always keep reminding myself how clever and cool I am for getting sober. My life would be SHIT if I was still boozing.

We’ve got to snatch these proud moments when we are happy doing ordinary things that in our previous (boozy) lives wouldn’t have been possible. Someone wrote in the Members Feed the other day that they were delighted to have been out late-night shopping! I still get a buzz when I drive at night (and hopefully one day soon I’ll be breathalysed!). I NEVER used to drive at night! Being alert to late-night conversations with my kids is wonderful. Never do I spend the first half of the day going over and over in my mind about how much I drank the night before.. worrying worrying worrying about my alcohol intake.

All of that brain noise has gone. The headaches have gone. The sick-churning guts have gone. The guilt has gone.

And in it’s place is a lovely, ordinary, wide-open, raw brain. And I am very appreciative of that.

Love, Mrs D xxx

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