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I think one thing that really helps in early sobriety is to bring a healthy level of curious, upbeat energy to the entire process.

I know that seems like a tough thing to muster at times..anything of an upbeat nature that is. Things are often quite grim and hard work in those early days and weeks. Cravings, grumpiness, tears, bad sleep, bad skin... all measure of nasties can fly at us when we quit.

Why would you want to bring a curious, upbeat energy to that?

Because, trust me, there are better things around the corner. Revelatory things. Positive things. Beneficial things.

In getting sober you are embarking on a massive life change. You are grinding your way through a period of major personal growth. And you are likely to emerge from this process a better, calmer, more well-rounded, and more authentic version of yourself.

Yet at the beginning it's impossible to know exactly what is in store.

It's going to be great, but it's hard to see it as great at first because it's such a long-winded and gritty process.. but trust me, in years to come you are going to look back and marvel at the lengths you have come.

You're likely to figure some shit out about yourself that will astound you.

You're likely to realise things you had no clue were going on.

You're likely to uncover truths that will be revelatory and beneficial.

You're likely to discard misguided beliefs that have been dragging you down for years.

You're likely to achieve new things you never thought possible.

You're likely to ditch things you never thought you could get rid of.

This IS a really exciting process. Trust in it. Be curious about it. Be fearless and brave and back yourself to manage it.

Tell yourself to hang in there NO MATTER WHAT because around the corner there are developments awaiting you that will seriously rock your world for the better.

Don't believe me? Go to the Sober Stories page on this site and read them. Read them one after another. Every single person who has shared their Sober Story with us talks about how their life was radically transformed for the better after they got sober.

It doesn't happen overnight. But it does happen.

Belive. Trust. Grind through and remember to bring your curious & upbeat energy to this wonderfully challenging and rewarding process.

You won't regret it.

Love, Mrs D xxx

  1. sante 3 years ago

    Your post is timely for me 14 days AF (going for 100 days to start with ultimate goal of either total sobriety or very occasional drink a few times a year). This time I’ve got a much more positive attitude thanks in large part to reading 3 of your books in quick succession ! Thanks so much for your bravery and sharing so many useful resources Mrs. D.

  2. Tab 3 years ago

    I have just discovered this website and am hoping that hearing others stories will help keep me off the booze. I did give up for 7 weeks earlier this year but had no support. Thank you for this online community

  3. maddie1969 3 years ago

    Thank you for the insights in this post, Mrs D! It’s very timely for me. The first 2 weeks of giving up I felt so confident and strong that I was kicking this bull** out of my life — unusual for me because I’m not a confident person. But one month in I feel a bit flat. Yes, I’m determined to stick to it, but my usual low grade anxieties about myself have re emerged. So it’s time to address these with some quiet reflection, with a clear head.
    Have also started your latest book, Wine o’clock myth, which is helping with a dose of reality as to who’s really responsible for our booze-soaked world.

  4. Hellsbells 3 years ago

    Thanks- the growth as a person Im feeling even in 5 wees is remarkable- youre right- its an exciting journey

  5. Classic50 3 years ago

    So true!

  6. johatnn 3 years ago

    Yes, so true. Humans are so fascinating, right?

  7. JM 3 years ago

    I love this, very true and inspiring.

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